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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Angie Hance

Angie Hance

Schools, technology, test scores, and the New York Times | Dangerously Irrelevant - 1 views

  • Support ratios that are 3 to 10 times higher than in other sectors don’t result in meaningful, reliable technology usage.
    • Angie Hance
      This seems to be true with all schools that I work with - a very small IT staff and, with perhaps 1 exception, the person is no a tech integration specialist - only working on the hardware and networking.
  • few teachers have been trained well to use digital technologies to improve learning outcomes
    • Angie Hance
      Have seen this too. Districts purchasing smart boards and projectors, for example, and teachers not knowing the first thing about how to use them. They end up being used like older technologies! Get fired up about training!!!!
  • We still primarily see learning environments where teachers push out basic information to student recipients and then assess them on the kind of stuff that you can find on Google in 3 seconds
    • Angie Hance
      how can we support teachers when there is so little time for training!
Angie Hance

ollie1: Iowa Online Teaching Standards - 1 views

  • Demonstrates growth in technology knowledge and skills in order to stay current with emerging technologies
    • Angie Hance
      As this Ollie course suggests, being knowledgeable about what technology is out there is crucial to today's digital learning environments. Whether we are learning side by side with our students or learning ahead of them on our own, it will be the only way to keep up with the future of education.
  • learning theory appropriate to online learning
    • Angie Hance
      My view of on-line learning is that it is very interactive. Without an understanding of what it can do and can be, teachers may revert back to teaching in the same old way - only in an on-line fashion.
  • These standards are an alignment of the Iowa Teaching Standards (ITS),
    • Angie Hance
      I wonder if there will be any changes to these for AEA staff (or to the criteria) like the iowa teaching standards.
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