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Raúl Marcó del Pont

Using Twitter in university research, teaching, and impact activities - 21 views

Module2 social media Twitter

started by Raúl Marcó del Pont on 10 Sep 14
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  • Raúl Marcó del Pont
    A guide for those worried about "how can Twitter, which limits users to 140 characters per tweet, have any relevance to universities and academia, where journal articles are 3,000 to 8,000 words long, and where books contain 80,000 words? Can anything of academic value ever be said in just 140 characters?"
  • bndiaye
    I was wondering if I should sign up for twitter for this course or not. Can make up my mind yet if I really need it.
  • beetsyg
    I'm actively avoiding Twitter because I just can't manage one more form of social media. I've seen it used in impressive ways at conferences, but in general I don't want to bother.
  • cvpido
    nice to read all the different opinions. I'm new to twitter and i will to experiment it via this course...
  • cuptlib
    ...seriously concerned about my digital literacy, this should help!!!!!
  • Pris Laurente
    One thing can help learners to socialize to everyone and makes a network on it.
  • mbishon
    Perhaps if academics had to tweet their writing, their writing would be better.

    Why Academics Stink at Writing

    "But the familiarity of bad academic writing raises a puzzle. Why should a profession that trades in words and dedicates itself to the transmission of knowledge so often turn out prose that is turgid, soggy, wooden, bloated, clumsy, obscure, unpleasant to read, and impossible to understand?"
  • liyanl
    I have a feeling like discussing in real person is still more efficient compare to online however social media like twitter do provide a convenient online platform for information sharing.

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