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Resources: new for me. - 1 views

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started by lenjomaydresden on 21 Nov 14 no follow-up yet
  • lenjomaydresden
    While reading a lot in the different Groups recommended in this stanford MOOC i figured some new resources for me:
    as a teacher: Student-driven journals to introduce scientific Quality, quizstar to give them some fun; MOOC as base for own classroom activities, flipped clasroom reconsider
    as a student: the freedom to shut off the computer; senslessness of reading all Posts - it is too chaotic; developing my mind with few resourches and then testing it on others.
    as a researcher: trying to establish an own open access Journal and supporting this type of publication (depending on financial resources); searching for new ways of communication
    as a physician: forcing the basic aspects of health: education, Nutrition and rhythm.

    Finally, I wonder that rhythm (in the german meaning of Rhythmus, not Takt) never appeared in any blog ...
weerthc - 3 views

Open Science module5 publishing open access
started by weerthc on 28 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
  • lenjomaydresden
    It increases the number of publications - but how about quality? I see too much rubbish in my field of expertise.
c maggard

open access and compensation for content creators - 5 views

open access module5 john willinsky okmooc mooc open knowledge publishing
started by c maggard on 02 Oct 14 no follow-up yet
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  • lenjomaydresden
    Isn't it a privilege to do the work? those who freely share their work will finaly succed over those who want to Combine their work with personal power. Remember Popper saying about scientists they have to give up authority thinking. Deontologic attitudes are childish. But our societies still force in that way...
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