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The Price of the Panopticon - 1 views

    The principle of the Panopticon still works in today's "big data" society. As we get more and more assesses to information on the Internet, our personal information is also being exposed to others. However, as an user commented, "there is a place for surveillance -- but not when its scope and power has the ability to undermine our networks and connections that are essential for fostering healthy human development and communities -- which is the best protection against harm". The invisibility of the power, to some extent, builds up the self-suiveillance.
Kim Baker

Beyond the Panopticon: Strategic Agency in an Age of Limitless Information - 3 views

    "To what extent is it possible - or desirable - to disengage from the growing cultural database? How do surveillance and "sousveillance" play a role in the policing of individuals by institutions, and vice versa? Can we disentangle the issues surrounding localized record keeping from globalized control over the archives? In this article, we discuss a range of cultural practices, epistemological regimes and intellectual discourses that have emerged to cope with these questions, and we assess the strategic options for communitarian and individual agency in an era we describe as "the end of forgetting."* I included this link as the article has an excellent model to describe the different strategic responses of agency to the openness of data and the resultant privacy issues.
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