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Guaraciara Silva

Does ICT in Education come before Social Citizen? - 3 views

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started by Guaraciara Silva on 19 Sep 14
  • Guaraciara Silva
    We all know how to be a social citizen has change a lots of point of view about many things.

    But I think before being a social citizen many developing countries like Brazil, for exemple, need to change about the use of technology in class. That´s a very good material to think better about it.

    Thanks, campers!
  • Gene Peuse
    It essential to use ICT in the classroom to help learners develop their virtual social skills and social networks beyond their immediate national and ethnic boundaries.
  • Leticia Lafuente López
    I take this sentence from the report: "(...) one important lesson to remember is that technology by itself does not enhance the teaching-learning process and environment (Levine, 1998). It is the effective and efficient use of
    technology along with effective teaching strategies and a classroom environment conducive to
    learning that will bring about a positive change".

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