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New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 1 views

  • According to the official Jazz Fest website, "The Festival celebrates the indigenous music and culture of New Orleans and Louisiana, so the music encompasses every style associated with the city and the state: blues, R&B, gospel music, Cajun music, zydeco, Afro-Caribbean, folk music, Latin, rock, rap music, country music, bluegrass and everything in between. And of course there is lots of jazz, both contemporary and traditional.
  • The Festival has been held annually since 1970, when it was founded by the New Orleans Hotel Motel Association, to form "the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation" that owns the Festival. George Wein's "Festival Productions, Inc" was contracted to produce the Festival. Wein was the producer of the Newport Jazz Festival (1954) and the Newport Folk Festival (1959) in Newport, Rhode Island.

Hip Hop Firsts - 0 views

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  • 1984: The Fresh Fest concert tour, featuring Run-D.M.C., Kurtis Blow, Whodini, Fat Boys, and Newcleus, is hip-hop's first big money making tour ($3.5 million for 27 dates).
  • The Fresh Fest concert tour, featuring Run-D.M.C., Kurtis Blow, Whodini, Fat Boys, and Newcleus, is hip-hop's first big money making tour ($3.5 million for 27 dates).

Digital audio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 1 views

  • History of digital audio use in commercial recording
  • Popular digital multitrack recorders produced by Sony and Mitsubishi in the early 1980s helped to bring about digital recording's acceptance by the major record companies. The 1982 introduction of the CD popularized digital audio with consumers

Martin Cooper (inventor) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 0 views

  • While at Motorola in the 1970s, Cooper conceived the first handheld mobile phone (distinct from the car phone) and led the team that developed it and brought it to market in 1983.[3][4] He is considered the "father of the cell phone" [1][3][5][6] and is also cited as the first person in history to make a handheld cellular phone call in public.

Hip-Hop's Old School Rules Again At Fresh Fest - Nick Cannon, Redman In Da House - MTV - 1 views

  • Some 21 years ago, Run-DMC, Kurtis Blow, Whodini and the Fat Boys were among the groups participating in the trek, which was the first hip-hop road show to gross heavy box-office numbers.

The History of Hip-Hop - 1 views

  • Hip-hop discovers that touring is a great way to generate income, as the Fresh Fest concert featuring Whodini, Kurtis Blow, Fat Boys, and Run DMC, reels in $3.5 million for 27 dates.
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What is the history of Electric Daisy Carnival festival? - 1 views

  • Electric Daisy Carnival festival history: The first Electric Daisy Carnival was held in 1997. In the past, there have been many unique venues in Southern California that have played host to the annual electronic music festival. These include the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and Exposition Park in Los Angeles, National Orange Show Events Center in San Bernardino, Queen Mary Events Park in Long Beach, Lake Dolores Waterpark in Mark Lapro Barstow, Hansen Dam in Sylmar, and the International Agri-CenterTulare. The festival has sold out venues with 30,000 maximum capacities and reached crowds of 100,000 (40,000+ on Friday; 90,000+ on Saturday) recently in 2010, making it the biggest electronic music festival outside Europe. Insomniac Events have also brought the festival to other regions including Colorado and Texas. 2009 marks the first year that the festival is brought to Puerto Rico. In 2010 the event expanded to include Dallas, Texas.
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The History of Electric Daisy Carnival - How To EDC - 1 views

  • The Electric Daisy Carnival is one of the world’s largest electronic dance music festivals.  In fact, it has the highest attendance of any music festival of its kind outside Europe, leading some to dub it “The American Ibiza”.  Founded in 1997 by Insomniac Events, and named after Steve Kool-Aid’s original creation, the festival has gone from big to massive in recent years.
  • DC expanded very quickly.  It was first held in 1997 at the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles where 5000 ravers packed the hall.    Originally set as a California only event, these days EDCs are everywhere!  EDC can now be found in Colorado, Texas, Puerto Rico, Florida, and even the Garden State of New Jersey. At the 16th annual EDC, the event took place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for 3 days on  June 8th through June 10th.  The music festival pulled in over 300,000 people and featured over 100 EDM artists from around the world.    Unfortunately, the electronic music festival became tainted by the deaths of 2 festival goers.  A drunk raver was killed after being hit by a truck while crossing the street and a young college pre-medical student who fell out of her hotel window after consuming ecstasy.
  • 1997 – Shrine Expo Hall (Los Angeles, CA) 1998 – No Info 1999 – Lake Dolores Waterpark (Newberry Springs, CA) 2000 – World Ag Expo (Tulare, CA) 2001 – Hansen Dam (Lake View Terrace, CA) and Thunderhill Raceway Park (Austin, Texas) 2002 – Queen Mary Events Park (Long Beach, CA) and Travis County Exposition Center (Austin, Texas) 2003 – NOS Events Center (San Bernadino, CA) 2004 – NOS Events Center (San Bernadino, CA) 2005 – NOS Events Center (San Bernadino, CA) 2006 – NOS Events Center (San Bernadino, CA) 2007 –Memorial Center and Expo Park (Los Angeles, CA) 2008 – Memorial Coliseum and Expo Park (Los Angeles and CA Arapahoe County Fairgrounds ( Aurora, CO) 2009 – Memorial Coliseum and Expo Park (Los Angeles, CA), Arapahoe County Fairgrounds ( Aurora, CO), The Arena Fairgrounds (Puerto Rico) 2010 – Memorial Coliseum and Expo Park (Los Angeles, CA), Arapahoe County Fairgrounds ( Aurora, CO), Fair Park (Dallas, TX), Estadio Sixto Escobar (Puerto Rico) 2011 – Tinker Field (Orlando, FL), County Fairgrounds ( Aurora, CO), Fair Park (Dallas, TX), Las Vegas Motor Speedway (Las Vegas, NV), and Estadio Sixto Escobar (Puerto Rico) 2012 – MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, NJ), Las Vegas Motor Speedway (Las Vegas, NV), and Panamerican Pier Complex (Puerto Rico)
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How Pasquale Rotella Built His Rave Empire | Features | Los Angeles | Los Angeles News ... - 1 views

  • Rotella's rise as rave master has been meteoric. Ten years ago, nearly half a dozen Southern California promoters were vying for the electronic dance music festival dollar, and Rotella's was just a face in that crowd.
Sperling Lilly

30th Underwater Music Festival Returns - Sarasota News | and ABC 7: Eart... - 0 views

    I chose this festival for my research. Thus event is bery unique being that its all underwater which is whats unique about the festival. The technology that they bring to the industry is the concept of doing the concert event underwater and for the fact that 100's of divers come playing there instruments in this colorful marine environment to express who they are and what they enjoy doing. What this festival has brought to this industry is its unique flavor which i believe is something that causes other company's and individuals to be creative in the musical festivals that are created

Live Nation, Inc. - Company Profile, Information, Business Description, History, Backgr... - 0 views

  • Live Nation, Inc., is one of the largest owners and operators of venues for live entertainment in the world. Since its founding in 1997 the company has acquired many of the largest concert promotion companies in the United States, Canada, and Europe.
  • It promotes or stages about 30,000 events a year attracting around 60 million attendees. Approximately 90 percent of revenues come from this area.

Music Festivals Bring Wearable Tech To The Forefront Of Concert Experiences - PSFK - 1 views

  • Lollapalooza is investing in more than just quality tunes this year. For the first time, the Chicago music festival will be offering festivalgoers wearable tech that can be linked to credit and debit card information. These wrist bands, which will be sent to attendees in the weeks preceding the festival’s start, use basic radio frequency identification (RFID).
  • This form of wearable payment will allow patrons to pay for food and drinks without having to carry cash or swipe their plastic.Those attending the festival will be asked to enter their credit card information prior to the festival’s first weekend and during the weekend vendors will have pay pads on which users can tap their bracelets and enter a pin number.
  • Last year’s South by Southwest festival featured Lightwave technology that enabled lasers and special effects. One of the Lightwave  perks of the weekend was a wristband that measured audience interaction in real time. The bands measured audience members’ biometrics by tracking them with motion, volume and temperature sensors. Sponsored by a partnership with Pepsi, Lightwave bands were linked to user’s individual accounts and audience interaction was ranked on a screen at the front of the room. Certain levels of dance interaction “unlocked” rewards, such as Pepsi refreshments.
    By Hilary Weaver - July 7, 2014

The Untold Story of the First U.S. Rock Festival: The Fantasy Fair Magic Mountain Music... - 0 views

  • On June 10th and 11th, 1967 — one week before the Monterey Pop Festival and two years before Woodstock — tens of thousands of Bay Area music fans converged on the Sydney B. Cushing Memorial Amphitheatre on Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, California, for the first U.S. rock festival.
  • Conceived as a promotion for the KFRC 610 AM radio station, the Fantasy Fair and Magic Mountain Music Festival featured more than 30 acts, including the Doors, Jefferson Airplane, the Byrds and Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band, as well as a group of Hells Angels and an "acid doctor" to mitigate bad trips.
  • Chris Darrow (Kaleidoscope): KFRC were very understanding of what was happening and they went out of their way to play new and cool music. This was an extension of the Love-In in Los Angeles and the Be-In. We'd show up to a park and there'd be bands playing all day long. Everyone just showed up to these things and played for free.
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  • Larry Taylor (Canned Heat): People would get together in a big park and listen to music and hang out. I played music in the Fifties and I remember wearing cummerbunds, plaid jackets and uniforms. All of a sudden, that was trash. I got into American Indian beads and pants with hand-painted psychedelic stuff on it. I haven't really worn a suit since. [Laughs] It came together out of nowhere. All of a sudden it just became this…thing.
  • Dylan first played electric at Newport
  • Tickets were $2 for the weekend.
  • Rounds: Booking bands was the easiest part of it, because KFRC being the Number One Top 40 radio station in San Francisco had the total support of the record promotion guys. Anybody playing in the Northern California area made sure that they visited the outdoor theater on Mount Tam as long as it was not a conflict with anything they were booked to do. The outdoor theater had no lighting, so the festival started at 8 a.m. and had to be over by 6 p.m. So we didn't compete with the local promoters if their bands were playing at night.
    "The Untold and Deeply Stoned Story of the First U.S. Rock Festival"  By Jason Newman - June 17, 2014

Fantasy Fair and Magic Mountain Music Festival 1967 Setlists | - 0 views

    Fantasy Fair & Magic Mountain 1967 Setlist
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