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Nye Frank

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    Crime is usually experienced as more serious than an accident or similar misfortune. It is difficult to come to terms with
    the fact that loss and injury have been caused by the deliberate act of another human being. At the same time, it is evident from
    research and experience that it is impossible to predict how an individual will respond to a particular crime.
    One way of conceptualizing common reactions to crime is as a process with four stages. The initial reaction may include
    shock, fear, anger, helplessness, disbelief and guilt. Such reactions are well documented in the immediate aftermath of a crime.
    Some of these reactions may recur at a later stage as well, for example, when attending a trial or going to hospital for medical
    treatment. Anger is a reaction that some victims and helpers find difficult to deal with. It may be directed at other victims,
    helpers, bystanders, organizations and also at oneself. Among some groups and in some cultures there may be a feeling that
    it is wrong to express anger even when it is strongly felt. There may be pressure on victims to control their emotions.
    These initial reactions may be followed by a period of disorganization, whichmay manifest itself in psychological effects
    such as distressing thoughts about the event, nightmares, depression, guilt, fear and a loss of confidence and esteem. Life can
    seem to slow down and lose its meaning. Previously held beliefs and faiths may no longer provide comfort. Behavioural
    responses might include increased alcohol or substance abuse, fragmentation of social relationships, avoidanceof people and
    situations associated with the crime and social withdrawal
Nye Frank

Justice For Nye Frank, Court documents filed Riverside County - 0 views

    There is over 20 officials that have participated in the cover up of homicide of 68 year old Nye Frank. That means that 20 people are owe favors to each other to help cover up crimes for family and friends. Nye and Lee never have had issues with the law. We never expected him to be killed. Lee witnessed the whole thing. Then the stalking and revictiming from officials has been devistating to the family.
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