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Cecile Doyen

Foreign Language Placement Tests? - 5 views

Hello all, Does anyone have knowledge of how Moodle is being used/can be used to facilitate the placement process for second/foreign language departments in educational institutions? This might in...

foreign-language assessment

hylovebing binglovehy

how to design Moodle interface by myself ? - 27 views

who has developed the easier way ?

started by hylovebing binglovehy on 27 Dec 08 no follow-up yet
david benedetto

installing addons - 31 views

i am new to moodle & the internet. i have installed moodle 1.9.2 and would like to add the Questionnaire and feedback modules. i uploaded them to my site and expanded them into the moodle folder....

started by david benedetto on 23 Jul 08 no follow-up yet
James OReilly

Moodle chat? - 102 views

Kate Olson wrote: > Has anyone found a better chat or IM feature in Moodle? I'm really not happy with the standard chat feature, but really want to be able to chat with my students righ...

chat moodle

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