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Nele Noppe

Keanu Reeves: Live-Action Cowboy Bebop is in Rewriting - 0 views

    This is looking better than I originally feared -the original creators seem firmly involved. Not that that means it couldn't still become another case of "Hollywood does anime with white people", but it's definitely heartening.
Nele Noppe

Leonardo DiCaprio To Cast Japanese Pop Group SMAP In 'Ninja Scroll'? - 0 views

  • A common complaint when it comes to stateside adaptations of classic anime and manga properties has been the lack of actual Asian actors playing lead roles in them.
  • In a move that should get the hardest of hardcore anime and manga fans excited, ANN reports that DiCaprio is considering casting Japanese pop group SMAP as main leads in his “Ninja Scroll” adaptation.
Nele Noppe

Fund animators, not adaptations - 0 views

  • we're looking at a definite trend of live-action anime adaptations, the first of which to hit screens being Dragonball Evolution, which also features white actors playing roles originally created, written, directed, animated, and performed by Japanese people.
  • According to Edward Said, one of the principles of Orientalism is a belief that Asia cannot speak for herself, and that the West must do it for her, constantly re-interpreting and clarifying the "mysteries of the Orient" for Western audiences, regurgitating the complexities of other cultures into an easily-digestible whole
  • There's an argument to be made that the purpose of live-action adaptations isn't to appeal to anime fans (although such adaptations doubtless intend on capitalizing on them), but rather to introduce mainstream viewers to anime via the otherwise-familiar milieu of flesh-and-blood cinema.
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • But can such a move really benefit the anime industry? Is a live-action adaptation -- especially one that uses white actors in Japanese roles*** -- really a faithful homage to a beloved title?
Ariane Beldi

The Cultural Biographies and Social Lives of Manga: Lessons from the Mangaverse - 1 views

    Article published in SCAN:Journal of media arts culture, and written by Mio Bryce, Jason Davis and Christie Barber
    This must be quite a recent articles about mangas from yet another angle. I haven't read it yet, but I'm posting it now and hope to be able to go through it later on.
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