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Learning to Think Mathematically - 1 views

    This link contains a small writing of Roy Pea, learning sciences pioneer. Putting on emphasis on the guidelines of mathematical education it also shares some ideas on how to use technology for mathamatic teaching. I find it interesting that although this is a 31-year-old document, ideas about teaching is quite up-to-date. Article contains ideas on the aim of the mathematical education which is to nurture problem solving skills and suggests softwares should be harmonious with this fact instead of drill and practice softwares.

Problem posing pedagogies: Situated learning in mathematics " by Anita Rampal - 0 views

    This is a very nice video about situated learning in mathematics. as i understood, the professor advocates that the more important thing is how you give a context rather than just saying what it is. Moreover, using of context of land, areas, puzzles or folk stories make students learn better. Thus, she mentioned that they prepare the books used in primary or elementary classes in terms of these characteristics, and since they do not have a national curriculum, every state makes its own national curriculum. SOme of the schools adapt to some extent and translate them. What about our country? Is it possible to redevelop the curricula in terms of different regions of our country? How should we make it?
Murat Kol

WCER : Projects : How Do Instructional Gestures Support Students' Mathematics Learning? - 1 views

    There are many different factors investigated affecting students' mathematics learning before in the literature. However I had never read a research project about the instructional gestures supporting learning. It reveals that the gestures have a substantial role in comprehension. The results even shows that some studies triggers the learning even roughly twice.
    This is quite interesting. I am curious to hear more about the results of this research.
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