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Mine Önal

It's Not Magic! Research on Developing Expertise | Canadian Education Association (CEA) - 1 views

    Research on how deliberate practice combined with innate abilities lead to expertise.
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    In the Ericson's article (The Making of an expert) it is said that real experts must perform superior that others. So, I've heard about the movie named as "Man on Wire" which is about a juggler walking and performing on a wire lying between the Twin Towers of New York. This is definitely a superior performance as a juggler. As you aforementioned, to develop such an expertise, Petit (the character in the movie) was practicing deliberately, he did not focus on what he does as usual, but he paid attention what he could not do and set an amazing goal and to accomplish this goal he took a risk of being sent to the prison.
    Elanur, Actually, I was trying to find the movie that you mentioned about high-wire actor (Petit). Then I realized that you have already written here. What made me so impressed about him that he worked on that about 6 years. I have read somewhere "experts view mistakes as opportunities to learn", however, this man had no chance to do mistake. the story of the guy in this link
    Yes Yasin I totally agree with you about the mistake part but this man dedicated his life to perform on the wire between Twin Towers so I thought that someone who dedicates oneself to perform in a particular area develops expertise in that area eventually and we can call him an expert in being a juggler even he put his life in danger. By the way this is an extreme example of being an expert. I just try to make connections between dedication and developing an expertise through this example.
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