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Naked And Afraid in Wild - 1 views

    This Documentary published by Discovery Channel for a while and actually can be a great example for situational learning! Basically they have to survive in a forest without any technology and clothes. Sometimes it is really fun to watch when they are trying to find a solution to eat or sleep.

Situated Learning Theory - 1 views

    This video is good summary of SLT and it also mentions the strengths and weakness of SLT.

Situated Learning Legitimate Peripheral Participation - Jean Lave & Etienne Wenger - 1 views

This book is about how people learn in communities and there are specific population examples namely Midwives, Tailors, Butchers, Quartermasters and Nondrinking Alcoholics that Lave and Wenger obse...

SituatedLearning theory learning

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Jean Lave, Etienne Wenger and communities of practice - 1 views

    Here is a website telling about communities of practice, situated learning and legitimate peripheral participation. You can check for an overview about situated learning.
    "Many of the ways we have of talking about learning and education are based on the assumption that learning is something that individuals do". This is a really nice article that outlines the theory and its applications and some issues related to situated learning theory are pointed out.
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