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WCTU Time LIne - 1 views

    Group of leaders in the movement for womens equality that is still active today. This is the official website.
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Midway Christian Church - 1 views

  • Restoration Movement
  • The instrument was added amidst much controversy at Midway.
  • What initially caused the problem was that the singing was deplorable. Pinkerton said that the singing would, "scare even the rats from worship."
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  • How could one little piano cause so much devastation among brethren?
    The Restoration Movement was more than just introduction of a instrument to signing during worship. More information is in the pdf files I can't highlight from the church web site.
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Welcome to Midway Christian Church - 2 views

    There are some pdf files in the history links of this web page that are full of great information. I tried to annotate but the pdf file wouldn't let me highlight.
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A Brief History of Midway Christian Church - 1 views

    The second preacher of this church founded the KY Female Orphan School. Just something form my service learning project group to take a look at, and anyone else.
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