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Ken Robinson's Talk on Creativity in Schools (one of them) - 7 views

    Comment at 13:20-25 for Greg's project? (Or someone who wants to reference that idea?)
    Thanks for this post..

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YouTube - Susan Blackmore: Memes and "temes" - 0 views

    Susan Blackmore studies memes: ideas that replicate themselves from brain to brain like a virus. She makes a bold new argument: Humanity has spawned a new kind of meme, the teme, which spreads itself via technology -- and invents ways to keep itself alive.\n
Teosholo g

Philip Rosedale on Second Life | Video on - 0 views

    19 minutes - avatar of speaker

    21:47 - description of demographics of 2nd life

    25 minutes - good blurb about "human experience moving onto the internet" as horrifying and response to it. "being present in a virtual world… and having a good life there is a challenge… we must be better than ourselves… be more tolerant, be smarter, be more adaptable"
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