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Strengthening the Role of Widyaiswara in Improving the Quality of Human Resources Towar... - 0 views

    ABSTRACT Widyaiswara occupied an important role in forming quality ASN including in realizing the Smart ASN 4.0 concept. Smart ASN who have the ability to master technology will push the Indonesian government system into a bureaucracy that is in line with the spirit of the industrial revolution 4.0. All types of public services can be implemented on a digital basis and integrated in such a way that public services become more optimal. Widyaiswara as one of the elements in the development of electronic-based civil servant competencies is required to have the ability to prepare needs at every stage of the training process. The training stage is the implementation of training and education and training evaluation and development. Digital competence is needed by widyaiswara to compile materials that will be used in e-learning at that stage. The role of widyaiswara must exist starting from planning, content creation and evaluation to ensure learning objectives are achieved.
Jeff Johnson

Surging Obama campaign suggests US racism on the wane ( - 0 views

    The issue of race has been intertwined with the history of the United States since its inception. It has brought out the nation's best and its worst - from the courage of the civil rights workers to the murderous terrorism of the Ku Klux Klan. Barack Obama's meteoric rise already warrants a chapter of its own, and his mixed-race heritage has already played a pivotal role in this year's election. It helped the Illinois senator win key primaries in Southern states like South Carolina. But it also cost him some white support in some struggling industrial states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, according to polls.
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