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Sarah Pickford

Timeli for iPad on the iTunes App Store - 0 views

  • Schedule projects and tasks visually, using timelines.
Sarah Pickford

App Store - AWARENESS - 0 views

  • $3.99
  • The AWARENESS application is the first tool to use mobile technology to randomly intercept your daily routine, and prompt you to get in touch with what you are feeling; taking you out of your worries and bringing you to the present moment. Throughout the day, on a schedule you configure, a gentle "gong" will go off and the phone will prompt you to record what you are feeling in the current moment. It will then lead you in a brief meditative exercise that you can do wherever you are, to bring you back to the present moment. It will ask you to record what you were doing when you experienced the feeling, and then leave you with an inspirational quote that relates to the feeling you recorded.
Sarah Pickford

Time This! for iPad on the iTunes App Store - 0 views

  • Time This! is a schedule app designed by Speech-Language Pathologists to help even the most distracted person stay on target and transition to the next activity
  • Fully customizable to fit your needs – Easy to create and change schedules within seconds. Clock, Hourglass or Digital timer look to choose from.Notes section for each person on the schedule.Absolutely easy to use . . . whether you are technology savvy or not!Take your own pictures to put in the schedule and add your own voice!!!Time This! allows for multiple persons with multiple schedules, which is perfect for Speech-Language Pathologists, Teachers, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Learning Specialists and Developmental Therapists.
  • $5.99
    timer, visual schedule
Sarah Pickford

App Store - Ritual - Keep Motivated and Make New Habits Stick - 0 views

  • $1.99
  • Track Facts over Time to Keep Your Life Under Control. With Ritual, keep motivated to achieve your goals.
  • ✓ Blank values are not taken into account (useful for weekends or breaks) ✓ Set reminders ensure you will review each day ✓ Export spreadsheets with your data
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  • Ritual is a central location for daily data that you want to keep track of.
Sarah Pickford

App Store - iProgress - 0 views

  • $0.99
  • One step at a time, day after day, month after month, until you’re done, using randomly generated reminders, precise statistics and Introspector - our built-in journal
Sarah Pickford

App Store - TallyPad - 0 views

  • TallyPad is a feature-rich fully-customizable tally counter for the iPad and iPhone. Just tap or swipe your finger in one of the four designated counting areas to add or subtract from the corresponding tally count.
  • What makes TallyPad different from all other counting applications is that you can assign customizable values to four different finger gestures. For example, you can set TallyPad to add 1 to the tally count for a single finger tap, 2 for a two finger tap, 5 for a vertical swipe and 10 for a horizontal swipe. You get to choose the values. Also, you are not limited to whole numbers: Just switch TallyPad to decimal or money mode to add decimal values.You can assign a multiplier to each counting area. The multipliers are applied to each counting area independent of the values assigned to finger gestures.
Sarah Pickford

GoSoapBox - Hear what your students are thinking. - 0 views

    This is a platform that allows students to annonymously ask/answer questions, respond to polls, and communicate with each other and the teacher. Works on laptops, computers, and mobile devices
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