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Sarah Pickford

AutisMate for iPad on the iTunes App Store - 0 views

  • $49.99
  • AutisMate's scene-based approach to delivering therapy is more effective and easier to understand for those with autism than traditional grid-based augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) tools
  • AutisMate integrates applied behavior analysis (ABA) strategies such as video-modeling and social stories to promote behavior and social skills. In minutes, caregivers can now share a view of the world around them, by using their own pictures, videos, and voice recordings that can be taken right from your iPad.
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  • ➤ Integrated video-modeling
  • ➤ GPS-enabled AutisMate simplifies the navigation process by using relatable scenes taken from the user’s everyday environment. Scenes can be tied to the app’s physical location and only load those relevant spaces from for example a user’s home or school.
  • ➤ Social stories for routine, functional or social skill development
  • ➤ Multi-variation recordings for generalization
  • ➤ E-mail content sharing
Sarah Pickford

App Store - Strip Designer - 0 views

  • Impress your friends with your own personal comic strips, created on your iPad, iPhone or iPod using just the photos from your photo album or iPhone camera.
  • Select one of the many included page templates. Insert photos into the cells. Add a couple of balloons with fun words. Add additional effect symbols (stickers) like "Boom", "Splash", or "Bang" to spice up the story. When you are happy with your new graphic novel, share it with friends and family.
  • Text balloons can be positioned, sized, and rotated freely on the page. You can alter colors, font, text-size. You can even give the balloons color gradients for additional impact.
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  • $2.99
Sarah Pickford

App Store - Learning structures - 0 views

  • $1.99
  • A simple menu helps you to find the right learning structure for your lessons.The application contains over 40 different learning structures and another 10 for getting your students acquainted.
Sarah Pickford

App Store - iModeling - 0 views

  • The iModeling app is designed for easy and quick use, making videos anytime anywhere. It allows you to record your own footage (or use existing footage on your camera roll) and edit the footage. It will take you through 5 steps to create your own video model: 1. Creating a title 2. Record your footage and edit your footage 3. Include a reward image for watching the video model 4. Assign the video model to a specific child account 5. Review your video model and save. Ready to use.
  • $14.99
Sarah Pickford

SmudgeGuard - Eliminates smudges and hand friction for Artists, Left-handed children & ... - 0 views

    This glove isn't thick enough to work with an iDevice, but that can be remedied by inserting a folded microfiber wipe into the glove. The wipe thickens the space between your hand and the screen and will prevent the iDevice from registering a touch.
Sarah Pickford

App Store - eduTecher - Backpack - 0 views

  • Imagine having the best educational websites all in one place. eduTecher Backback makes it possible - search thousands of top-notch educational websites submitted by teachers and educators just like you.
  • Plus, you can save your links as favorites, write notes to keep for later, and share the websites you’ve discovered with your colleagues.
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