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Sarah Pickford

ableNote for iPad on the iTunes App Store - 0 views

  • Pinch to zoom, rotate, and drag clips of information into place then use tagging and full text search to find any note you have created
  • - Draw free hand content with customizable color and brush size- Enter text using the full selection of fonts available on the iPad with a large variety of sizes- Add any photos from the collection on your iPad- Clip and save any Web content. The original website can be revisited directly from the Note, no need to leave the app to launch Safari.- Save annotated Map information. Document important locations, such as meetings or special events.- Email your notes as PDF files or save to your photo album for easy printing, sharing, or viewing from any device
  • $4.99
Sarah Pickford

App Store - Task Time - 0 views

Sarah Pickford

Repeat Timer Pro - Repeating Interval Timer for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod t... - 0 views

    timer with loops
Sarah Pickford

PaperHelper - Easiest Essay Writer for iPad on the iTunes App Store - 0 views

  • PaperHelper uniquely splits your iPad screen in half providing you with a Internet Browser and a Document writer.
  • • Seamlessly surf the web for information and transfer it to your document. • Keep Track of All your sources with the Sources Button • Quick Search • Fonts, Text formats, and more
Sarah Pickford

TagPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store - 0 views

  • TagPad is new software that lets your iPad record interviews with an animated interview schedule. The iPad fits unobtrusively into your research interviews - qualitative, quantitate or mixed methods, displaying your interview questions and recording the interview. As you move between questions it dynamically tags the recorded audio by question. TagPad then automatically uploads the audio and answers from your interviews to your computer (using Dropbox) - segmenting the audio by question number. Dynamic tagging features also let you tag up your interviews for quick access and preliminary analysis.
Sarah Pickford

App Store - American Wordspeller - 0 views

  • Simply type in 3-4 letters of your word by "how it sounds to you". Find any word in the dictionary phonetically.
  • •Very brief definitions to help you quickly understand the meaning of the word. •If your word sounds or is spelled like another word those words will be Cross-Referenced. Examples:•petal/ pedal/ peddle•metal/meddle/medal/mettle/middle•carrot/ caret/ karat/ carat•immigrant/ emigrant•Suffix Speller - root word spelled out with all suffix endings attached. Example: 'mad':mad = madder, maddest, madden, maddening, maddeningly, madly, madness•Prefixes listed along with their definition. Example: satisfied = dis (for dissatisfied) / un (unsatisfied)*This app does not require internet connection! Few Proper Nouns listed.
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