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John Evans

Wi-Fi Sync Not Working? Here's How to Fix it for All iOS Devices - 28 views

    "One of the best general iOS features is wifi syncing, which, just as the name implies, allows you to sync content, data, pictures, music, whatever, to and from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and a computer running iTunes, without ever connecting the device with a USB cable. Of course, this feature is only useful when it's working, and a wide variety of users are encountering an issue where wi-fi syncing just stops working. Either the device refuses to show up iTunes, or it disappears immediately when attempting to sync content to it. The solution below will resolve either of those problems and is quite simple."
David McGavock

How To Sync Apps From Multiple Macs | Mac|Life - 20 views

  • Any content that your husband purchased through the iTunes Store on his Mac or through the App Store on the iPad—apps, music, TV shows, and movies--can be stored on up to five authorized computers. Those five computers can then sync to any number of iPads or iPhones.

  • Ideally, I would like to merge his apps with my apps. Is there any way?
  • First, authorize your Mac with your husband’s iTunes account name and password.
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  • Then you’ll need to copy his iPad apps onto your computer
  • Next, iTunes will ask you if you want to transfer your husband’s apps into your own iTunes library.
  • You can then sync your iPad once again, and iTunes will ask you if you want to overwrite your iPad with your apps. This time, you can allow that to happen
    Ideally, I would like to merge his apps with my apps. Is there any way?
David McGavock

teachwithyouripad - Sync-Charge Cart and Station Comparison - 8 views

  • Sync/Charge Carts and Stations

    Having to connect an iPAD to a computer via USB cord is very time consuming and tedious. Syncing a cart that contains a hundred apps can take a 3-5 days to set up
David McGavock

iPad cart: secure, charge & sync iPads and tablets - 7 views

    "The first charge-and-sync solution suite designed for the way iPads are really used.

    First, we made first security cart for Apple's iPad™. Then, the first sync-and-charge solutions. Now, the most complete range of iPad deployment tools.

    With the release of the new iPad (and all previous generations), schools and other organizations have been looking at tablets and e-Readers in new and innovative ways. Datamation Systems introduced the first of a series of secure, compact, efficient and affordable storage solutions for these new devices: the DS-NETVAULT-IP. Now, even more compact charge-and-sync or just charging solutions are available."
John Evans

How to Sync Gmail Contacts to an iOS Device | Mac|Life - 7 views

    "If you'd rather not switch your entire online life over to iCloud, you can sync up your Gmail contacts instead. "
John Evans

Flipboard Introduces "Flipboard Accounts" To Sync Content Across Devices - 6 views

    "The latest version of Flipboard for iPad, 1.6, is out in the App Store and, alongside support for Tumblr and 500px, it brings a new option to create a "Flipboard Account" and start storing your favorite content in the cloud"
Baxter Tocher

Set Up Your Apple Device For Google Sync - 1 views

    How to sync Gmail, Google Contacts and Calendar with an iPhone.
Fred Delventhal

Sync Google calendar with iPhone using CalDAV - 0 views

    walk you through the steps for setting up Google Calendar on your iPhone using the CalDAV protocol, which means you can still use the Exchange option for your corporate email.
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