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Jim Aird

Decoding Digital Pedagogy, pt. 1: Beyond the LMS | Digital Pedagogy | HYBRID PEDAGOGY - 2 views

  • The LMS was not a creative decision, it was not pushing the capabilities of the Internet, it was settling for the least innovative classroom practice and repositioning that digitally. As a result classes taught within its structure generally land with a dull thud. No matter how creative and inspired the teacher or pedagogue behind the wheel, the LMS is no match for the wideness of the Internet. It was born a relic -- at its launch utterly irrelevant to its environment and its user.
  • The LMS largely erased mindfully aware teaching, and made excuses for unconscionable practice.
Dr. Nellie Deutsch

Moodle Mania - 1 views

Moodle Mania Teaching Online Learning Teach to Learn

started by Dr. Nellie Deutsch on 21 Apr 13 no follow-up yet
Jim Aird

Cageless Thinking: Innovation and Creativity in Education - 0 views

  • For a school to thrive it needs good exam results. For its students to survive, a school needs to teach them skills and prepare them for reality.
  • Technology used well in schools can offer a tangible link to the outside world – it can be a bridge in many different ways to what is happening outside of the classroom
Dr. Nellie Deutsch

Do Teaching Online & Face-to-Face Classes Require Different Skills? - 2 views

    Can a teacher use the same teaching techniques in a face-to-face and an online course?
    According to a study conducted by Park, Johnson, Vath, Kubitskey, & Fishman (2013) on Examining the Roles of the Facilitator in Online and Face-to-Face Professional Development Contexts (Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, 21(2), 225-245), teachers need to cater to individual learners more online than face-to-face. In the face-to-face environments, students learn from each other and from the teacher. In the face-to-face class, the teacher is able to summarize the information for the students and get feedback from the students body language on how well they understood the information. In the online class, the teacher only knows whether the students understood or not from their writing. Teaching online requires that the teacher be very attentive and aware of the student's individual interests, needs, and level of understanding.
Paul Beaufait

The Best Resources For Learning What Google+ Is All About | Larry Ferlazzo's ... - 1 views

    In July 2011, Larry shared his choices, "[starting] with posts from educators" that he recommended reading, along with the comments that followed. A note at the head of points out news of update as of Sept. 2011. Thanks to Claudia for pointing this out.
Paul Beaufait

ECEtt Handbook for the Use of the E-learning System - 3 views

    Tutors' handbook pointed out by Nellie in a Moodle for Teachers Orientation course (M4T-O, September 2011)
Beatriz Lupiano

Nik's Learning Technology Blog: Things You Can Do With Your WebCam 1 - 0 views

    Part 1 -using webcam and its software on- or offline to create stories and characters
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