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Marti Weston

For Those Who Want to Lead, Read - John Coleman - Harvard Business Review - 2 views

    Leadership and its connection to reading
Dolores Gende

No Defending Illiterate Educators « My Island View - 5 views

    On the importance of educators being media literate as role models of learning
Sarah Hanawald

Is deep reading a thing of the past? - Books - - 2 views

    This article also appeared in the Charlotte Observer. The question I have is "how can we teach students to read deeply online?" Because online text isn't going away.
Demetri Orlando

Information Literacy Wiki - 0 views

    wiki by Harold Olerzj and librarian of Eisenhower school. Includes many resources, such as a pre-test
Scott Merrick

newliteracy » home - 0 views

    a wiki-built project to attempt redefining the interface between curriculum and technology
    This already has some good foundation and could help reframe discussions about tech curriculum
Sarah Hanawald

Truth: Can You Handle It? - - 0 views

  • subjects used them as an opportunity to reinforce their own beliefs.
  • "Since people have more choice, they can choose to read the things that reflect what they already believe.
  • If one quack repeats the same piece of information to you five times, it's nearly as effective as hearing the sound bite from five different reputable sources.
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  • truth can be elusive, but the fight for it can be rewarding.
    How do we tell the difference between information and truth.
Sarah Hanawald

Web 2.0 Is the Future of Education (Techlearning blog) - 0 views

  • I believe that the read/write Web, or what we are calling Web 2.0, will culturally, socially, intellectually, and politically have a greater impact than the advent of the printing press.
  • Because it is in the act of our becoming a creator that our relationship with content changes, and we become more engaged and more capable at the same time. In a world of overwhelming content, we must swim with the current or tide (enough with water analogies!).
  • You may think that you don't have anything to teach the generation of students who seem so tech-savvy, but they really, really need you. For centuries we have had to teach students how to seek out information – now we have to teach them how to sort from an overabundance of information. We've spent the last ten years teaching students how to protect themselves from inappropriate content – now we have to teach them to create appropriate content. They may be "digital natives," but their knowledge is surface level, and they desperately need training in real thinking skills.
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  • We may be afraid to enter that world, but enter it we must, for they often swim in uncharted waters without the benefit of adult guidance.
    This is why literacy still matters more than anything else.
Sarah Hanawald

Defining the Role of a 21st Century Literacy Specialist | always learning - 0 views

  • personal (and personable) support in the classroom is the key to the success of any technology-rich program, and 21st century literacy is no different.
    From the 21st century literacy specialist at the international school Bangkok.
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