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Donna DesRoches

Fear of Screens - The New Inquiry - 0 views

    • Donna DesRoches
      I think that the use of the tools that technology now allows such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram enable us to be more empathetic - e.g. the outpouring of support for #laloche.  Facebook and Twitter helped create connections that allowed people to then get together face-to-face to grieve and provide support.
  • Turkle too often assumes screen-mediated communication comes in only one flavor, which cannot grasp the complexities of our always augmented sociality, to say nothing of how screens are differently used by those with different abilities.
  • We should not conceptually preclude or discount all the ways intimacy, passion, love, joy, pleasure, closeness, pain, suffering, evil and all the visceral actualities of existence pass through the screen. “Face to face” should mean more than breathing the same air.
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  • This screen-mediated communication is face-to-face, in person, physical, and close in so many important ways, and distant in only one
  • The camp study, relying on shoddy methods and inaccurate conclusions, exemplifies how cultural fears and emotional appeals can facilitate the spread of unsubstantiated claims, cloaked in science.”
  • Why this presumption of doom?
  • How do you look at everyday people using digital devices to communicate with one another and suppose that they may not even know what conversation and friendship are?
  • hat people who text more often also meet face to face more; that the contemporary technologies of social isolation were, and are, the television and the automobile, not smart phones; that there’s been a recent reversal of the long post–World War II trend toward social isolation.
Gary Ball - 0 views

    Alberta's BYOD guide
Gary Ball

184 Days of Learning - 0 views

    Example of a school division sharing learning.
Patricia Cone

Lucky Pilgrim: Super Techy - 0 views

    Core Ipad Apps for all ages.
Patricia Cone

estimate - 0 views

    This site didn't work when I used Safari as a browser, but did when I used Chrome.
Gary Ball

Tracker Video Analysis and Modeling Tool for Physics Education - 0 views

    Great tool.  Put in a video and it analyzes the motion from that video. 
Gary Ball

Smoothboard Air with Duo | - 0 views

    Oh yeah.  This looks like a great tool for a BYOB classroom.  The IWB may actually become interactive!
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