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Adam Kenner

How social guilt can change our media consumption habits - or just make us li... - 0 views

    Frictionless sharing sounds good - but sometimes you'll go out of your way to put a little friction (or a little white lie) back in.
amy hood

LimeWire Crushed in RIAA Infringement Lawsuit - 0 views

    After 4 years of debate between the popular file sharing service LimeWire and the RIAA, LimeWire has been officially shut down by Judge Kimba Wood for its sharing of unauthorized copyright material. Wood ruled that the company behind LimeWire did not take appropriate steps to prevent its users from committing mass copyright infringement. The question posed now is where LimeWire's 50 million different monthly users will turn to share and download files.
Kelvin Rhee

U.S. court orders Limewire shut down due to copyright infringement - 1 views

    An article from BNO News has recently reported that LimeWire has been shut down by a U.S. court on claims that the site was used for infringement. LimeWire is notorious for allowing its users to download music without paying for the file, which begs the question, is this legal? The Recording Industry Association of American, which represents several important record labels such as Sony, EMI, Universal, and Warner filed a lawsuit against LimeWire in 2006 stating that the company was allowing downloading of illegal music, violating the terms of the music's copyright. Since these record labels own the copyrights to the majority of the music that was being distributed, they were losing money and business because they were not getting paid for the use of their music. Lime Group, the company that owns LimeWire, continues to function otherwise, it is just this subsidiary that has been ceased to conduct business. Although the future seems bleak for LimeWire, its CEO remains optimistic.
    On October 27, 2010 a very popular music sharing application called Limewire was shut down due to copyright infringement. BNO news reported the story to and the a few record labels like SOny, EMI, Universal and Warner filed a lawsuit against Limewire in 2006 so this is nothing new for the file sharing company. The Lime Group CEO and owner of Limewire George Searle said "challenging time, we are excited about the future." So he seems to have a good outlook on the future eeven though his company is going through this touch time.
Gideon Teitel

Author makes case for Creative Commons on Twitter - 0 views

    What Andy Clarke is trying to say is that although twitter is a very social site, it can not be used to its full potential because not as many ideas are exchanged. This is because people are afraid of their ideas being stolen, but with this new creative commons copyright partnership, people will never have to worry anymore. It allows people top share ideas and both get the amount of credit they deserve. Although this can be unnecessary for basic, "I just got milk at the store," tweets, it will be amazing for people who want to share ideas whether, they're intellectual or not.
    Clarke is a world renown British web designer and author.
    This article was written by Chris Snyder an email author for Wired on February 20, 2009
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