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sophie mann

Top 10 Copyright Law Scandals That Rocked the World in 2009 - 2 views

    Date issued: January 7, 2010. An article from Law Vibe. Written by C.C. at International Law News/Lawyer Lifestyle. The article was written about what in the writer's opinion were the top ten biggest copyright infringement lawsuits between 2000 and 2009. Cases such as "Napster shuts down", "Apple sues Pystar", and UMG and Viacom take on Veoh and Youtube" lead the article. A reoccurring theme in the business of copyright lawsuits seems to be illegal file sharing online. Many websites that provided options for illegally downloading music have been sued or shut down over the years, including Napster and Pirate Bay. Modeling agencies such as Perfect 10 sued Google over copyrighted pictures of their models showing up online, the courts however ruled this fair use and the case has since been closed. This article shows a brief history of how copyrighting has become a central legal issue over the past decade and how various companies and defendants have dealt with the cases presented to them.
Corey Sherman

Bush Final Press Conference pt1 - Jan 12, 2009 - 0 views

    The rest of the press conference is in "related videos."
Jay Bienenstock

Plug-in Mini Cooper ready to charge - Limited run (1) - - 0 views

    Mini Cooper will release the first electric car early next year.
Jay Bienenstock

Tesla Motors - 0 views

    The official site for Tesla Motors, makers of the Tesla Roadster, the high-performance electric sports car. Electric cars from Tesla Motors are developed with an emphasis on design, performance, and efficiency.
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