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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Aman B

Aman B

History: Reformation for Kids - 2 views

  • Renaissance Reformation History >> Renaissance for Kids The Reformation occurred during Renaissance times. It was a split in the Catholic Church where a new type of Christianity called Protestantism was born. More People Reading the Bible During the Middle Ages, few people other than monks and priests knew how to read and write. However, with the Renaissance, more and more people became educated and learned how to read. At the same time, the printing press was invented allowing for new ideas, as well as scriptures of the Bible, to be easily printed and distributed. People were able to read the Bible for themselves for the first time. Martin Luther
  • Renaissance
    A easy to understand site.
Aman B

Medieval Health - 0 views

  • Health was controlled by the stars, and affliction was a sign of impurity of the soul-a curse from God.
  • Disease was a constant concern, as was infection from injuries
  • Hygiene was not always a priority
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  • Barbers doubled as surgeons,
  • treatments for the sick were quite often out of reach
  • But little by little, doctors were learning information that led to better cures,
  • Hospitals began to be constructed, and schools established for those wishing to practice medicine.
Aman B

Geography of Ancient Greece - 1 views

  • Forests
  • mountainous, with many gulfs and bays
  • Greece, a country in southeastern Europe whose peninsula extends from the Balkans into the Mediterranean Sea
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  • stony and suitable only for pasturage
  • It is convenient to divide ancient Greece into 3 geographical regions (plus islands and colonies): (1) Northern Greece, (2) Central Greece and (3) The Peloponnese.
  • Northern Greece consists of Epirus and Thessaly, separated by the Pindus mountain range
    A brief summary of geography about greece excluding the 3 regions
Aman B

Politics of Greece - 0 views

  • The politics of Greece takes place in a parliamentary representative democratic republic
  • Prime Minister of Greece is the head of government
  • the party system was dominated by the liberal-conservative New Democracy
    Greece politics
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