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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Nick Makin

David Hilton

National Curriculum Resources - 15 views

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started by David Hilton on 13 May 11 no follow-up yet
  • Nick Makin
    We are holding off on resources at the moment. I have our faculty working on the unit plans before we look at the texts available. I feel many of the publishers have tried to jump the gun, and publishing 'Australian Curriculum' ready resources... before the Curriculum was properly released, and so I don't hold out much hope for quality before Term 3.

    That said, we plan to purchase class sets for Years 7-8 before the end of the year... just waiting to see what quality texts will be on offer later in the year.

    In terms of implementation, we have decided to kick-start with Years 7-8 History next year using the AC. Years 9-10 will follow in 2013. In this way we will have the proper chronological development, and will not have to worry about the sudden 'shift' that Mathematics and Science will experience.

    This year we have split SOSE into History and Geography elements for Years 7-10, with Civics/ Citizenship shared between the two, and I am working with having the staff in my faculty specialising in either History or Geography.

Nick Makin

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