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Walter Antoniotti

Election Issues 2016 - 0 views

These one-page 2016 Election Issues may be of interest.

education resources Learning teaching civics history political science modern america

started by Walter Antoniotti on 19 Jul 16 no follow-up yet
HistoryGrl14 .

Tattoo Generator and iPhone Text Generator | | Social Imitator - 0 views

    Try other free online generators to prank your firneds. Create a tatoo or Fake iPhone Text
HistoryGrl14 .

Fake Snapchat Generator | - 2 views

shared by HistoryGrl14 . on 03 Jul 16 - No Cached
    Fake Snapchat generator online. Imitate Snapchat online. Create Snapchat images in seconds and prank your friends.

Best of History Web Sites - 8 views

shared by mcfaddena on 14 Jun 09 - Cached
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    A large and well-maintained collection of history source websites organised well under topics, regions and periods.
Javier E

Ballet companies must stop wrecking our bodies, warns Russian star | Stage | The Guardian - 1 views

  • Kolesnikova believes some companies are more concerned about their “brand” than their dancers. “The ballet world frowns on the individual freedom of dancers. The ballet brands come first – not the freedom of the individual dancer,” she said. “In the ballet world, in too many cases, the status of dancers is similar to that of actors in medieval theatre – subservient. There are few personal freedoms and dancers have to commit to tough regimes.”
Walter Antoniotti

Building America's Democratic Federalist Republic 2-pages, class handout - 4 views

Important background for everyone especially in an election year.'s%20Democratic%20Federalist%20Republic.htm

modern america secondary sources c18th c19th c20th

started by Walter Antoniotti on 28 Apr 16 no follow-up yet
David Korfhage

African American migrations - 4 views

    Website with lots of resources on various African-American migrations, from the slave trade, to the Great Migration, to modern African immigration
Bob Maloy

Who Were the Harlem Hellfighters? - 4 views

    This material from Henry Louis Gates series, The African Americans: Many Rivers To Cross, describes the efforts of a famous all Black regiment during World War I. These black soldiers returning from World War I received a hero's welcome, by blacks and whites alike, in New York City.
Bob Maloy

Ada Lovelace Day: A celebration of the world's first computer programmer | Metro News - 1 views

    You may not have heard of Ada Lovelace but she had a huge bearing on everything that you do, given that she was the world's first computer programmer. On Ada Lovelace Day, 170 years since her great contribution to technology, Metro asks why she isn't one of science's household names.
HistoryGrl14 .

2016 Presidential Election Interactive Map - 6 views

    election map! use the blank setting to use in class - can use to teach the electoral college or any other number of things in teaching gov't and elections.
Walter Antoniotti

One-pare Edition of Presidential Courage summary - 1 views Each of the presidents covered, GW, JA, AJ, AL, TR, FDR, HT, JK, RR has been redesigned to allow one-page printing for use with groups. I a...

modern america c20th c19th c18th

started by Walter Antoniotti on 16 Mar 16 no follow-up yet
Ian Gabrielson

Why Are They Talking? - 2 views

  • Community-based oral history projects, often seeking to enhance feelings of local identity and pride, tend to side step more difficult and controversial aspects of a community's history, as interviewer and narrator collude to present the community's best face.
  • More practically, narrators whose interviews are intended for web publication, with a potential audience of millions, are perhaps more likely to exercise a greater degree of self-censorship than those whose interviews will be placed in an archive, accessible only to scholarly researchers. Personal motives too can color an interview.
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