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Cindy Marston

History Ebooks - Explaining History Ebooks: The 20th Century In 100 Short Chapters - 18 views

    Check out our new Explaining History video channel on YouTube, featuring advice, study skills, theory and further exploration of 20th Century themes. Click here for more Welcome to Explaining History:20th Century history ebooks for Kindle and iBooks, Kobo and more From the very origins of the communism, in the radicalised European working class movements of the late 19th Century, a vast an complex ideological movement that would eventually dominate much of humanity a century later emerged.
David Korfhage

Ancient China, from The British Museum - 0 views

    Including a tour of a Zhou-era tomb
Eric Beckman

Puerto Rico: 101 Years Later | National Council for the Social Studies - 0 views

    Links to resources
Mr Maher

Computational Propaganda Worldwide: Executive Summary - 4 views

    12 page article for Civics and History teachers to scan quickly and get a sense of the current world of propaganda. When teaching students about posters and slogans from World War I and II, we have to let students know if the infinitely more powerful tools of propaganda today
    One comparison would be the political pamphlet of 16th Germany. The reformation resulted. The chart at the end was useful.
Walter Antoniotti

Our Growing Constitution - 2 views

    Part 1 Building a Constitution
    Part 2.Governing Our Capitalistic Democratic Federal National Republic
    Part 3 Managing the United States Constitution
    Part 4.Recommended Readings
Mr Maher

Plymouth Colony Legal Structure - 2 views

  • That no Act, Imposition, Law or Ordinance, be made or imposed upon us, at present or to come; but such as shall be made or imposed by consent of the Body of Freemen or Associates, or their Representatives legally assembled:
    • Mr Maher
      It isn't the Mayflower Compact which starts Democracy and Consent of the Governed - it is this!
    Something to put alongside the towering pile of Mayflower Compact lessons. Much more detailed, pertinent and worthwhile, this short record with excerpts from laws, ordinances and listings will open the Plymouth to student's understanding in ways that Compact won't.
Walter Antoniotti

10 Middle East War Sites - 14 views

america secondary sources egypt

Walter Antoniotti's%20Democrati... - 2 views

compiled from Turning Points in American History and Presidential.


started by Walter Antoniotti on 26 May 18 no follow-up yet
Mr Maher

Edward L. Bernays Propaganda (1928) - 1 views

    A book far ahead of it's time. Easy to find a selection for homework or lesson prompt - from the weaponization of public opinion to the marketing of cigarettes. Students could just flip through the book or you could assign specific readings.
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