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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Annabel Astbury

Annabel Astbury

1989! - The New York Review of Books - 1 views

shared by Annabel Astbury on 23 Oct 09 - Cached
  • 1989: The Struggle to Create Post–Cold War Europe
    by Mary Elise Sarotte

    Princeton University Press, 321 pp

    • Annabel Astbury
      What other works has this author contributed to?
    this is an interesting article - a book review. This is effectiove because the second book reviewed is one of the most referenced ones on the end of communism in Europe.
Matt Esterman

National Curriculum - 38 views

national curriculum history study research
started by Matt Esterman on 30 May 09 no follow-up yet
  • Annabel Astbury
    Hey Guys,

    I like the principle of it but a few questions need to be answered such as hours, mandatory nature of it and how each of the states will handle it.

    I try to keep our website www, up to date on this issue and, from time to time, try to update


Annabel Astbury

Using Google Maps For Your History Class - 0 views

    Hi evenryone - in this version I have an article which explains the thinking behind the task.
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