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Eric Beckman

A History Lesson About "School Choice" During Reconstruction - 3 views

    History Professor curated six excerpts from testimony before Congress about KKK intimidation of teachers and students at black schools during reconstruction.
Mr Maher

The First Decades of the Massachusetts Bay; or Idleness, Wolves, and a Man Who Shall No... - 3 views

  • In November 1630, John Baker was “whipped for shooteing att fowle on the Sabboth day”; and in June 1631, it was ordered that Phillip Ratliffe should be whipped, have his ears cut off, and be banished “for vttering mallitious and scandulous speeches against the goumt. & the church of Salem.
  • The inattention paid in the official record to women or indigenous land compels us to force open gaps and bring alternative narratives to light. Without this work, John Winthrop’s will be the only story told in textbooks about this country’s colonial history.
  • The Puritan freemen may have the loudest voices in the archive, but theirs are not the only narratives being told.
    When historians look through more evidence they come to understandings that students never get to see becuase their teachers may only rely on the evidence that is part of the liturgy of the US History narrative canon. In this instance, routine court records will tell us much more about puritan Massachusetts than a John Winthrop sermon.
Walter Antoniotti

One-Page US History - 4 views

These one-page historical studies have many links for expanded study may be a useful resource.

modern america sources secondary sources usa

started by Walter Antoniotti on 13 Sep 17 no follow-up yet
Eric Beckman

"Benefits of British Rule" - 3 views

    1871 speech by an Indian politician in Britain addressing pros and cons of the British Raj as he sees them
Mary Higgins

History in Dispute: Charlottesville and Confederate Monuments | Teaching with the News ... - 9 views

    Hi Mary,
    Thank you for this amazing share. Down here in Australia there has been a similar event regarding monuments in the news, just after the Charlottesville monument events unfolded. We can definately incorporate and contextualise this for Australia as a combined or global event.

    A link to an Australian news article that could also be utilised to expand young American minds in understanding that this is a global issue also.

    Thanks again
    Faye Goodwin
    pre service teacher
    Dear Faye,

    Thank you for your comment and the link you posted. It will be interesting to look at this as a global issue. Recently I also saw some articles about similar events in Canada.

    Hope you have a good school year!
Eric Beckman

Who was the First Person in History? | Nat Geo Education Blog - 1 views

    Image of clay tablet from ancient Sumeria. Background resources on Mesopotamia, cuneiform. Oldest recorded personal name on the tablet.
Eric Beckman

India and World War One - 1 views

    Lesson plan with primary source images and text
Mr Maher

The Robert Prager Lynching - 1 views

    Excerpts of newspaper articles describing the April 1918 lynching of a 45 year old Illinois coal miner. These articles can be used in a DBQ or as a launching point for student research into the incident itself. What can we find out about Robert Prager? How can we be certain? What does his death tell us about American public opinion in World War I - and how do we know that?
David Korfhage

The Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations | The Society for Historians o... - 5 views

    The Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations has a variety of resources available for teachers on its website, including syllabi, primary sources, and assignments.

The vanishing animals that future generations will never see  - 2 views

  • “But there are conservation success stories. Mountain gorilla populations are increasing and we now have around 800 in the wild. Golden-mantled Tree Kangaroos also seem to be stabilising."
  • In Madagascar there are only around 100 blue-eyed black lemur left
  • In March a rhino was poached from a French zoo, the first time such an incident has ever been recorded, and demonstrating the demand for rhino horn
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • there are fewer than 100 Javan Rhino
  • pangolins - the world’s most trafficked animal - were also in danger of dying out within a generation.
  • There are only 30 now left in the wild,
  • More than 23,000 species are on the IUCN Red List threatened with extinction, including 41 per cent of the world’s amphibians, 25 per cent of mammals and 13 per cent of birds.
Mr Maher

Annual Reports of the Secretary of the Treasury on the State of the Finances - - 0 views

    This site includes copies of Secretary of the Treasury reports from the 1780s through the present. What was the budget of the United States in 1800s? How much did the "Traiff of Abominations" raise? How much did the Civil War cost? How much did the New Deal cost? - answers to all of these questions cane be found in these reports. Setting students into these for "real" research may find even more.
Eric Beckman

Picturing US History - Irish Immigrant Stereotypes and American Racism - 7 views

    Cartoon showing anti-Irish racism with image analysis
Bob Maloy

resourcesforhistoryteachers - The Dust Bowl - 0 views

    Wiki page featuring teaching and learning resources for the Dust Bowl in the United States from 1930 to 1940.
Eric Beckman

'But what about the railways ...?' ​​The myth of Britain's gifts to India | W... - 2 views

    Describes the many ways in which Britain impoverished and divided India
Bob Maloy

resourcesforhistoryteachers - Lawrence of Arabia and the Arab Revolt of 1916-18 - 1 views

    A new page on the resourcesforhistoryteachers wiki about Middle East history focusing on T. E. Lawrence and the Arab Revolt
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