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Amanda French

Library databases vs Search engines - YouTube - 0 views

    A nice little video from A New Zealand library explaining the difference between a search engine and a database. I noticed a bit of confusion about this on exam 2.
Rebecca Lee

Using Diigo to Collect, Highlight, Annotate, and Share Web Pages - Part 1 - 0 views

    An interesting article that shows how you can use Diigo effectively to collect information and bits of information from many different webpages in an organized way. The article presents some questions to think about when doing web research and how we can use tools such as Diigo to aid in gathering a large amount of information in one place. It also explains more in depth what Professor French has told the class regarding Diigo.
Adam Munera

10 Tips for Designing Presentations That Don't Suck - 2 views

    I thought this would help with the "how to be interesting" section of our presentations, which of course is 10% of the grade! I've always had problems with making presentations that are boring.
Laura Vazquez

10 tips for smarter, more efficient Internet searching - TechRepublic - 0 views

    This article goes over tips that can be helpful when doing research online. I think some of these were discussed in class but some of them are new too.
Maximum Sullivan

Support Grows for Open Access to Science Research - 0 views

    Good article on federally funded research to be freely accessible over the internet. It's the second article on the page.
James Hemdal

Changes to JSTOR - 0 views

    This article is from the perspective of a university instruction coordinator and details concerns about JSTOR and how it is limiting information to students.
Mahrokh Akhavan

Steal This Research Paper! (You Already Paid for It.) - 0 views

    The idea of open access to scholarly journals seems to be a big debate and this article talks about how publishers make millions of dollars off of research and peer reviews that are done for free. It also talks about Aaron Swartz who led the movement for allowing access to journals by basically "stealing" them and sharing them.
Cameron Wall

JOMC 50 Internet History--People - 0 views

    A list of some of some important people in the history of the Internet, just to give some ideas to anyone still thinking!
Sara Simpkins

The Ultimate Source for Research - 0 views

    The ultimate guide for students who don't want to carry around their text books but still enjoy marking them up. With over 75,000 textbooks, Questia is an explosive host of information for the weary researcher. I really enjoy its easy navigation, ability to add comments in books, and wide range of topics. For an annual price of $100, I cut down on my book expenses and killed some book clutter in my apartment.
Jimin Kwon

Zotero Tutorial - 1 views

    A quick Zotero tutorial video for both Mac and Windows users
Cameron Wall

Understanding the Zotero Pane - Citation Managers - Subject and Course Guides at Washin... - 0 views

    Even though Prof. French gave a rather in detail tutorial of Zotero in class, here's a visual guide in case you get lost!
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