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Amanda French

Help and FAQ - W3C - 0 views

     The World Wide Web Consortium's definition of the difference between the Web and the Internet is understandably technical. It annoys me that there's a typo in which "TCP/IP" is misspelled "TPC/IP". Way to confuse people. 
Cameron Wall

Understanding the Zotero Pane - Citation Managers - Subject and Course Guides at Washin... - 0 views

    Even though Prof. French gave a rather in detail tutorial of Zotero in class, here's a visual guide in case you get lost!

What is DRM? | Digital Restrictions Management - 0 views

    This article gives a definition of Digital Restrictions Management in terms that everyone can understand. More importantly, it teaches us why we should avoid using business that use DRM and how to do so.
    Huh, interesting that they say the "R" stands for "Restrictions" -- I always heard "Rights." Guess either makes sense.
Claire Madison

Different ways to use research methods - 1 views

    Helps understand different research methods and might help you understand how to make your research different.
Ellie Cattle

5 Simple PowerPoint Tricks You Should Have Up Your Sleeve - 1 views

    These are pretty basic tips, but the .gif images of the instructions are really incredibly easy to understand.
Xiaotong Liu

Understanding MARC - 0 views

    a good website help you understand all the details about MARC.
Jimin Kwon

Understanding a URL - 1 views

    This web page has an easy and detailed explanation about what a URL is and its three basic parts: the protocol, the server name, and the resource ID.
    In theory that's a good resource, Jimin, except that it's wrong. :) The "server name" could be anything, and has very little to do with the domain name. It is true that you can usually log in to a server (a remote computer) by giving whatever program you're logging in with the domain name, but that doesn't mean that the server itself has the same name as the website. That page is also very, very wrong in calling the the top-level domain (.org etc.) the "domain name." It's important to note that that page was almost certainly written by a librarian, not a tech professional. (Of course, I'm an English PhD, not a tech professional myself, but still.) And when I looked at the source code, I could tell that it was hand-coded in HTML, which indicates to me that it's probably many years old. Wish there were a "dislike" button. :)
Adam Munera

What it is like to be an archivist - 0 views

    This helped me understand archives and what its like to be an archivist.
Elloise Lotoc

CSS Video Tutorial Part 1 - 0 views

shared by Elloise Lotoc on 02 Oct 13 - No Cached
    I found this video very useful. It's easy to understand and gives very clear step by step instructions.
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