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Amanda French

James Van Der Beek on Dawson's Creek and 1998 -- Vulture - 0 views

    Just for fun, a story about James Van der Beek guy who was on "Dawson's Creek," which was *THE* hot show in 1998, and some of the differences between being famous then and being famous now. On the one hand, you're more exposed now (thanks, iPhone); on the other hand, there are more ways to make pieces of 'the real you' public: " At least on Twitter, I put out some bits of my sense of humor. Whereas in '98, when I was being mobbed by girls, they were just looking to go crazy about anything and could use the excuse, you know, to scream and go mad." Just FYI, I myself have never seen Dawson's Creek, but I remember when it was big, and I know someone who's rewatching all the episodes on Netflix now and live-tweeting them.
Amanda French

Sorting the Real Sandy Photos From the Fakes - Alexis C. Madrigal - The Atlantic - 0 views

    Here's a great story related to the issue Milan raised of authenticity in photographs -- during any disaster, lots of fake photos circulate, such as these "from" Superstorm Sandy.
Laura Vazquez

Instagram turns on 'Photos of You' section for everyone, here's how to control the pict... - 0 views

    Madalyn's presentation informed all of us on how Instagram started and about its founder, Kevin Systrom. This article explains to new feature of Instagram. Now your followers can view photos that other people have uploaded and you can be tagged in photos as well.
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