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Amanda French

Are These People Building Their Own Internet? - 0 views

    Fascinating article on grassroots alternatives to paying a company like Verizon for Internet access. If enough of these community-built networks come into being and link to each other, we'll have a brand-new Internet!
Jimin Kwon

The World of Social Media 2013 - 2 views

    It can be a little bit of off-topic but this is a very interesting video that my communication professor showed class before. The video basically tells you how much the internet and the social media affect our lives these days. Even though we have already known that the internet is hugely influential, you'll probably be surprised while you watch this video.
Amanda French

Local area network - Wikimedia Commons - 1 views

    Definition of a LAN, with pictures. The Internet can be thought of as a network of LANs.
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