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Chris Dede

Report Highlights Social Tech To Watch -- Campus Technology - 2 views

    Gartner report on social technologies
Hessa Ahmad

24 Ed-Tech Terms You Should Know - 9 views

    This is a truly dumb set of definitions that of course are being widely publicized by the media (sigh)
    "Social Learning: Using social media as part of class. Who said that Twitter was just for Justin Bieber?"
    I have revisited this over and over - but each time I realize that no, I'm not hallucinating. They do indeed endorse 1:1 laptop/iPad, as they are "way cooler than stickers."

    Obviously, they don't have access to the right stickers.
Pearl Phaovisaid

Tech Start-Ups Find a Home on the Prairie - - 4 views

    Emerging technology has had a strong geographical component. With Google Fiber up and running in Kansas City and tech start-ups burgeoning in Des Moines, we may see yet another wellspring of innovation in the Midwest. This could have significant implications on rural education and agtech.
    There were numerous communities in Colorado that tried to lure Google Fiber; it looks like it's paying off for KC. It would be interesting to see the tech start-up numbers in comparison to other US locales. I would like more details as to why only two regions increased their share of angel investors.
    My guess is that insufficient momentum or critical mass exists in other regions, Danna. The article mentions the Southwest and Great Plains as two regions with an increase in angel investors. The Southwest probably represents spillover from Silicon Valley, while the Great Plains benefits from large metropolitan areas, good universities, and a concentration of young professional residents. I also think that tech start-ups and VC firm naturally promote the growth of one another.
Tomoko Matsukawa

7 ways holographic technology will make learning more fun - 1 views

    Another emerging technology. Will still take some years to be affordable enough but interesting to be aware of.
Daniel Melia

The Ann Arbor Chronicle | Ann Arbor School Board OKs Tech Upgrades - 0 views

    An example of some of the conversation within one school system as they look to change their approach to ed tech. It mirrors some of the kinds of discussions we've had, particularly in section, and there is a link to the new plan, too.
Jeffrey Siegel

Infographic: Ed Tech Cheat Sheet - 2 views

    are you taking the designing a new learning environment online course?
Jeffrey Siegel

Adrian Sannier's Talk: "Education Scale: The Rise of the Rock Star Teacher" - 0 views

    Adrian Sannier is VP of Product at Pearson, and gives a talk at Stanford's "Education's Digital Future" conference about "Rock Star Teachers" who use social media and online platforms to cater to hundreds of thousands of students.
Jeffrey Siegel

Where is Technology Leading Higher Education? - 1 views

    Comprehensive article outlining many trends and pressures in the educational landscape.

Jeffrey Siegel

Ed Tech Startups Transform Learning - 1 views

    "I think education is probably the largest, most important, and most screwed up part of the American society and economy,"
Jeffrey Siegel

Technology Doesn't Teach, Teachers Teach - 3 views

    A nice reminder that throwing tech into a classroom solves nothing without proper teacher training.

    "That is why our investment in upgrading classrooms needs to focus equally on making sure teachers know how to use digital tools effectively."

    "the motherboard and the memory chip will never replace the passion and inspiration of a real-life teacher."
    So I think this articles goes along the same lines as the one from Daniel, about "Are Kids Really Motivated by Technology?". Both bring up great points that just technology alone can't solve education--so it's interesting to think about what that means for a lot of the technology-driven initiatives we see now. Khan, digital textbooks, etc., bring in technology to the classroom, but how much do they still depend on teacher proficiency in the classroom? Are they just repackaging traditional education? What about things like Coursera or edX--does interacting with an inspirational and passionate teacher through the Web still positively affect students?
Billy Gerchick

10 Tech Skills Every Student Should Have - 5 views

  • 1. Internet Search - students need to know how to do a proper internet search, using search terms and modifiers. This skill is needed for school, work and life in general.

  • 2. Office Suite Skills - students need to now how to create, edit, and modify documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. Businesses still use MS Office for the most part, but iWorks, OpenOffice / LibreOffice, and Google Docs are all getting more popular. They all work similarly so the learning curve when switching isn't that big.

  • 3. Self learning of tech and where to go for help - knowing how to search a help menu on software or hardware, where to go to find user forums for help, and where to find the manual for technology is a huge skill that many do not know about.

  • ...7 more annotations...
  • 6. Netiquette - Internet/Email/Social Media etiquette - proper way to use the internet, write professional emails, use social media in relation to your job (not complaining about the boss).

  • 5. Social Media - how to properly use social media for school and work, how to protect yourself on it, the issues of cyberbullying, connecting with others in your profession (PLN).

  • 4. Typing - yes, typing. I can get much more work done since I know how to type, then people who don't.

  • 7. Security and Safety - antivirus, spam, phishing, too much personal information sharing, stalkers, and more are all issues they need to know about.

  • 8. Hardware basics and troubleshooting - knowing what different parts of technology are called, how to make minor fixes, and how to do basic troubleshooting for WiFi, networks, OS won't load, etc

  • 9. Backup data - with all of the data that students create for school and work, it is important to back it up and have access to it at any time

  • 10. Finding apps and software - how to find, evaluate, and use apps for school and business. Also, how to find quality, free alternatives to paid software, apps and services.

    Gateway source for all students: high school and college composition and journalism and student of life. Bookmark this source and then bookmark the hyperlinks in this article. Do you have the 10 (11 for the bonus) tech skills down? I certainly can improve in some of these areas.
Chris McEnroe

Private donation aims to boost technology at New Bedford schools | - 0 views

    This is the initiative with which I am interning. I used to work at Friends Academy and with Katherine Gaudet and she has organized a robust initiative. It should be very interesting to see how this develops over the next two years.
shalani mujer

PC Tech Support Saved the Day - 1 views

I am an owner of a small business office in Lancaster, California. I specialize in SEO, providing services to several people, most of them are in my own locality too. However, there was a day when ...

PC tech support

started by shalani mujer on 10 Nov 11 no follow-up yet
Uche Amaechi

Robotic dragon, an unlikely teacher | Northeastern University News - 2 views

    T561 Alumni involved in this project.  Somewhat similar in approach to SmartyAnts
shalani mujer

Online PC Support No Once Can Match - 1 views

When I avail of ComputerTechSupportOnline online computer tech support services, I am always assured that my computer is good hands. Whenever I have problems with my PC, I know that they can fix ...

online computer tech support

started by shalani mujer on 30 Sep 11 no follow-up yet
Chris Dede

Education Week: New Initiatives Signal Shift in U.S. Ed-Tech Leadership - 1 views

    Lots of pomp and circumstance about new initiatives -- but how much funding and political clout is really behind them.
    Are you speaking of Digital Promise? It reminds me of but it looks like it might be designed better. I don't believe ever got much traction.
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