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Dennis OConnor

Glearning blog: Mindmapping in Moodle or Blogger with Shared Spaces - 32 views

  • Google Shared Spaces offers several mindmapping applications. The one I like best is simply called Mind Map Gadget and can be found on:
  • Mind Map Gadget allows you to create a shared space, i.e. students can collaborate on the mindmap, which you can embed into Moodle or any other website plus it lets you work directly in that website. The gadget might not be as impressive as or Mindmeister, however it does offer some advantages in addition to remaining editable after embedding.
Fred Delventhal

Project ROME for Education - 25 views

    Google®/Moodle™ Integration Collaborate and share projects or materials with others using Google® Apps or Moodle™ learning management systems (pilot program only).
Dennis OConnor

Internet Search Challenge: Adults Do Better - 0 views

  • Need proof that adults search and evaluate better than youth? These charts show how students in middle school and high school compare to teachers and librarians. The assessment is the pretest from a course we call "Investigative Searching 20/10."
  • To date, 449 middle schoolers, 414 high schoolers and 28 adults have taken the 10-item pretest that measures the ability to find critical information and evaluate its credibility. There are several differences that really stand out.
  • Are these the results you would expect? Do you think they are artificially low or about right? That's hard to say without seeing the pretest. Without disclosing specific items (in case you want to take the test), the 10 items focus on skills that have been described in previous posts, requiring the application of appropriate techniques to find the author of articles, the name of the publisher, the date of publication, other instances of the content on the Internet and references to web pages.
Dennis OConnor

Moodle 101 - 0 views

    Custom Google Search engine focused on Moodle
Kevin Brooks

Introduction ‎(Goomoodleikiog)‎ - 0 views

    This is a site about project based learning using the Read-Write Web, through the integration of Google, Moodle, Blogs and Wikis
Janice Stearns

Steve Hargadon: Embedding Google Forms in Wikispaces - 0 views

    Steve Hargadon shares how to embed a Google form on a web page, wiki, blog, maybe even Moodle, when the supplied code doesn't work.
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