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20 ways to keep your internet identity safe from hackers | Technology | The Guardian - 0 views

    Advice: Never store sensitive information on websites; add a DNS service; ignore pop-ups

Discussion of Coding/Hacking Rights and Issues - 1 views

    We read this for a paper in another class, thought it was interesting!

BBC News - Who is winning the 'crypto-war'? - 0 views

    In the war over encryption between the NSA and privacy activists, at first it seemed as though the activists had won - but now it's not so clear.
    This was shared with the group! Did you do anything different this time? Your comment appeared twice, but that's fine.
    I didn't do anything different! It must have appeared twice because I posted it twice.
Riley Dankovich

Russian Hackers Behind World’s Biggest Internet Security Breach - NBC - 0 views

    This video talks about a hack done by a group of Russian hackers that gained access to 1.2 billion records, and discusses the idea that perhaps passwords are no longer the best way to protect our information. It's a quick video, but what was interesting to me was that I hadn't even considered that something other than the current password system could protect our information.
Allison Molo

Hackers Breach Security of - - 0 views

    Check out this article! It's about a recent security breach of that was made possible due to a test server with a default password that hadn't been changed and a lack of regular security scans.
Hannah Lee

Eastern European Cybercriminals Said to Trump Asian Counterparts in Sophistication - 0 views

    Eastern European hackers have been proven more effective at their craft than Asian cybercriminals due to their precision, focus, and ability to protect their identities. 
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