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Lisa Eriksen

It's Time to Go on an Information Diet | Humanizing Technology | Big Think - 0 views

    What is the museum's role in providing a "healthy diet" of media?  
Leslie Matamoros

World Leisure - Disney cans healthy lifestyle exhibit over 'bullying' claims - 0 views

    World Leisure Orginzation: Marh 2, 2012
Ruth Cuadra

Defining Wellness: Pilates and Pizza - The Health & Wellbeing Issue - Curve - 0 views

    Health and wellness communications will be more playful as advertisers look to adopt the tonality of the consumers. Fads are out, what's in is intuition as confident consumers mix and match to create a healthy lifestyle.
Dayne Bell

Helpful Guide That Explains The Healthy Tips To Follow While Applying With Same Day Loans! - 0 views

    Financial emergencies often occur without any prior notice. The situation becomes really stressful when you do not have adequate money to overcome this tough fiscal phase.
Seenea Thronwe

Guide That Explain A Short And Effortless Route To No Credit Check Payday Loans! - 0 views

    If you are holding low credit scores and need money to quickly cater your emergency financial requirements, No Credit Check Payday Loans is one of the healthy fiscal opportunities for you.
Megan Conn

The New "Google Glasses" Ad: Some Version of Hell | Book Think | Big Think - 1 views

    no doubt there has been good measure of skepticism and backlash; idea of walking around 'distracted' - or possibility of always recording-- lends to some dystopian images of the future... I'd say the TV was a similar technology that led to distraction/couch potato culture. (But we've moved on) This is more mobile - and in the world. I think it's exciting -- and needs some healthy skepticism. For CAMLF-- I look at these glasses- in more specific applications--where context is more controlled. Imagine the 'layering' of experiences. Providing visual learning element to the objects inside our walls Museum environments seem perfect--- even more so than (what I think is a poor vision) walking around public streets. In private situations for Google Goggles seems more ideal.. Maybe?
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