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Hitting the Mark: A Collection of Creative Advertisements - 2 views

  • Today we would like to share with you 30 creative advertisements that made people stop and take notice using inventive and entertaining ways.

Strategy - Go Local: Seven Steps to Running Geotargeted Campaigns Like a Pro : Marketin... - 0 views

  • This is the decade for geotargeted local advertising.
  • Monster-sized corporations like Google and Yahoo deliver content and advertising to their users based on location. Social networking sites and apps like Foursquare and Yelp are appealing to local users. Neighborhood businesses, such as a local dentist's office or dry cleaner, are able to advertise online in their local markets while small and medium-sized businesses can target multiple geographical areas. And sites like Groupon and DailyCandy offer local deals to local users.
  • But, in reality, geotargeting your online advertising is not nearly as daunting as it seems. Just follow seven simple steps.
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  • Local is the new global.
  • 2. Determine the right channels
  • A. Conduct an internal analysis
  • B. Scope out your competition
  • 1. Decide which geographies to target
  • 3. Generate creative
  • 4. Create campaigns per geo
  • 5. Validate

  • 6. Test

  • 7. Monitor
  • Always monitor your campaigns.

The Key to More Leads? Create More Targeted Conversion Opportunities! [Data] - 0 views

  • HubSpot's latest research, "Lead Generation Lessons From 4,000 Businesses," reveals that the more landing pages a business has on its website, the more leads it generates. Specifically, our research found that businesses with 31 to 40 landing pages generated 7 times more leads than businesses with only 1 to 5 landing pages. And the numbers get even more impressive: businesses with over 40 landing pages generated a whopping 12 times more leads than those with only 1 to 5 landing pages. 

One Third of U.S. Online Ads Now Served By Facebook - 0 views

  • According to comScore, 1.1 trillion ads were served to U.S. internet users in the first quarter of 2011. Of those 1.1 trillion ads, 346 billion of those (31%) were on Facebook. That's right -- you read that correctly. Facebook now serves nearly one third of all online advertisements in the U.S.

Shazam hangs clothes on music service | FT tech hub | FTtechhub - Industry analysis - F... - 1 views

  • Shazam, the music recognition app with more than 100m users, hopes to demonstrate it can sell clothes as well as songs in a new use for its fingerprinting technology.
  • An ad campaign  just launched with the Old Navy clothing chain in the US urges viewers to Shazam the music they hear on TV spots. The app then takes them to a screen identifying the band and song and inviting them not only to watch a video and get the music for free, but also to shop for the clothes they see in the ad.

Changes to Facebook Pages - A Quick Guide - 0 views

  • Facebook announced major changes today to the design and functionality of its Pages, bringing them closer to individual user profiles in look and functionality.
  • The changes go into effect for all Facebook Pages on March 10, which gives you four weeks to preview the new format and switch over at any time before then.
  • 1-Photo strip above the Wall (with most recent photos you posted or tagged)
    2-Tabs move over to the left panel, in the form of a list (maximum of 6 above the fold)
    3-Profile picture reduced from 200 x 600 pixels to 180 x 540
    4-Blurb box that was below the Page picture moved to info tab
    5-Pages can Like other Pages, not just favorite them
    6-Featured Pages and Admins
    7-Page category
    8-Choice for Wall posts between “Everyone” and Page posts only
    9-Mutual Friends and Interests section
    10-Ability to interact on Facebook as your Page
    11-Ability for admins to post and comment around the site under their Page’s alias
    12-News feed of updates from Liked Pages
    13-Pages can now feature iFrame tab applications
    14-Email notifications when users post or comment
    Note, very important: You can preview the new layout but once you upgrade, there is no way to revert back to the old design.
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  • Photo Strip Instead of Tabs Above the Wall
  • Expanded Functionality For Fan Page Admins
  • By enabling Fan Page admins to comment in the name of the page itself and to interact with other Fan pages, Facebook has finally made it possible for brands to truly engage in tremendous interactive engine which powered its growth among individuals.
  • Your power as a page administrator is increased in a number of other ways, including the ability to set filters on your Wall so that visitors see relevant posts first, and to view all the content and get notices whenever someone posts to your wall.
Kenneth Cossin

Target iAd campaign indicative of mobile advertising's course in 2011 - Mobile Marketer... - 1 views

    Target iAd campaign indicative of mobile advertising's course in 2011

How Social Media is Changing the Business of Television - 0 views

  • There’s no question that the real-time conversations around TV shows on social networks — the virtual water cooler, if you will — enhance engagement and drive on-air ratings.
  • If you prove yourself to be an influential fan, the smart marketers will incent you to do more with rewards, which will eventually result in even more advances in user behavior.
  • We’ve tracked our real-time water cooler, dubbed the “Bravo Talk Bubble,” and found that it has delivered a 10% lift to The Real Housewives of New York.
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  • But ratings are just part of the picture. Social conversation about TV creates a real-time map, with peaks and valleys around programming that can really inform producers.
  • Tools like the Trendrr dashboard or Sysomos should now be a part of any forward-thinking television network’s tool set in an effort to incorporate fans’ participation into the business of show creation.
  • TV conversation usually spikes during prime time hours and the day after a program airs — the classic water cooler pattern. The next challenge for content creators is figuring out how to drive the conversation 24/7. The goal is to pull others into the cultural discussion and debate at any time, anywhere they may be
  • There’s always risk tied to this openness. If a certain character is driving buzz and another is a buzz kill, everyone will know it.
  • The people you watch television with are no longer restricted to your living room. Access to real-time conversation around shows, personalities and products must be a part of TV networks’ basic road map.
Kenneth Cossin

Where Mobile Ads are Headed and What Will They Need to Address Before They Get There - ... - 0 views

    Where Mobile Ads are Headed and What Will They Need to Address Before They Get There

Marketing Magic: How Kraft Built a Thriving Social Community Around Cream Cheese - 0 views

    "Asking kitchen-savvy women to not only invent their own dishes, but also shoot, edit and upload videos to a contest website seems like a recipe for disaster. But when Kraft invited women to do just that in its latest online promotional campaign for Philadelphia Cream Cheese, it got about 5,600 more responses than the 400 it set as its goal. With Paula Deen at its helm, what was intended to be a one-year campaign blossomed into a thriving social network of more than 30,000 women."
Kenneth Cossin

Disney merges offline, online with Google Goggles mobile campaign - Mobile Marketer - S... - 0 views

    Disney and Google work together to create interactive experiences with their Android-based phones using Google Goggles.  I foresee great potential for merging traditional and mobile advertising here.

Survey: 75% Of Mobile YouTube Users Say Mobile Is Their Primary Means Of Access | Mobil... - 1 views

  • Google today released the results of a new survey of mobile YouTube users that indicate an overwhelming preference for accessing mobile video content via mobile devices.
  • Google issued a survey on the mobile site which received over 16,000 responses.
  • 75% say that their mobile is the number one device they use to watch YouTube videos.  Furthermore, the survey shows 70% of respondents use the mobile YouTube site at least once per day.
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  • 58% of users spend 20+ minutes per visit
  • according to Nielsen, YouTube Mobile is the #1 video viewing mobile website in the US, with more than 7.1MM monthly unique users.”
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