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Fabien Cadet

Traits: The else-if-then of Types, by Andrei Alexandrescu - 3 views

  • Definition: A traits template is a template class, possibly explicitly specialized, that provides a uniform symbolic interface over a coherent set of design choices that vary from one type to another.

  • An important use of traits is as "interface glue"—universal non-intrusive adapters. If various classes implement a given concept in slightly different ways, traits can fit those implementations to a common interface.

  • Definition: A traits class (as opposed to a traits template) is either an instantiation of a traits template, or a separate class that exposes the same interface as a traits template instantiation.

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  • traits with state
  • general-purpose traits
  • hierarchy-wide traits—traits that you can define in one shot not just for a class, but for a whole hierarchy or subhierarchy.
    "Traits: The else-if-then of Types"
Fabien Cadet

2015-05: How Dropbox Uses C++ for Cross-Platform iOS and Android Development - Ole Bege... - 7 views

Fabien Cadet

2013-11 : Why You Should Never Use MongoDB | Sarah Mei, blog post - 10 views

  • I’ve heard many people talk about dropping MongoDB in to their web application as a replacement for MySQL or PostgreSQL. There are no circumstances under which that is a good idea.
  • Schema flexibility sounds like a great idea, but the only time it’s actually useful is when the structure of your data has no value.
  • When you’re picking a data store, the most important thing to understand is where in your data — and where in its connections — the business value lies.
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Joel Bennett - 19 views

    Fantastic hosted code-coverage testing and reporting. Free for public open source projects on Github or Bitbucket, if you're writing in one of their supported languages (Python, Ruby, NodeJS, PHP) (using Travis or Codeship or CircleCI or Semaphore or Drone)
Fabien Cadet

2014-12 : What is Meteor.js? | Josh Owens, article. - 7 views

Fabien Cadet

book: Exercises in programming styles, by Chritina Videira Lopes - 9 views

    "In the 1940s, the French writer Raymond Queneau wrote a jewel of a book called Exercises in Style, featuring 99 renditions of the exact same story, each written in a different style. The story being fairly trivial and always the same, the book highlights form, rather than content; it illustrates how the decisions we make in telling a story affect the perception of that story. Inspired by Queneau, I decided to embark on the project of writing the exact same computational task in as many styles as I have come across over the years.
    Exercises in Programming Style (#EPSBook) features 33 renditions of a simple computational task -- counting the frequency of words in a given file. All renditions are written in Python. This book is a companion text for code that is publicly available in Github.
    Software developers with many years of experience may enjoy revisiting familiar programming styles in the broad context of this book and learning about styles that may not be part of their normal repertoire. This book can be used as a textbook for advanced programming courses in Computer Science and Software Engineering programs. Additional teaching materials, such as lecture slides and implementations of each style in other languages, are also available."
Fabien Cadet

Computational thinking and thinking about computing | Philosophical Transactions of the... - 4 views

Fabien Cadet

Edsger Dijkstra - How do we tell truths that might hurt? | 1975 - 4 views

Fabien Cadet

2015-05: The illustrated guide to mobile apps with Meteor | - 2 views

Fabien Cadet

2014-10: Learn Meteor.js Properly | JavaScript is Sexy - 8 views

Fabien Cadet

2014-04: A JavaScript Primer For Meteor | Discover Meteor (.com) - 1 views

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