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peer to peer lending - 1 views

    No one wanted to give me loan for 6 months. Thanks to various tenure options offered by LenDen Club. LenDen Club's response was very fast and funding was also on time to fulfil the purpose of taking this loan. Amazing speed of service.

Happy hour near Rockefeller Center, NY - Johnny Utah's NYC - 1 views

    If you're looking to book a place for your up coming stylish and Best Happy Hour, private party, bachelorette party, Johnny Utah's is the best option. Johnny Utah's offers you with a large setting that has gorgeous views. Our event staff might be specialist to providing your event will exceed your expectations and those of your visitors as well.

Getting Started with Firefox extension - Diigo help - 1 views

  •  Feature Highlight: Highlights

    Diigo saves the day with "highlights". Highlights let you select the important snippets on a page and store them in your library with the page's bookmark. Let's try it. Just open a page, maybe one of your old-school bookmarks or one of your new cat bookmarks, and find the information on that page you actually care about. Select that important text. Got it? Okay, now put your hemet on, 'cause this might blow your mind! Click the highlight icon on the Diigo toolbar. It's the one with the "T" on a page with a yellow highlighter. You will notice that the selected text gets a yellow background. This means that the text has been saved in your library, and as long as you have the Diigo add-on the text will be highlighted on the page! How's that for easy?


    Now you've highlighted the text. It will appear in your library within the bookmark for the page it is on. Go to your library and you can see how it works. If you're not sure how to get to your library, just click the second icon on the toolbar (Diigo icon to the left of the search bar) and then select "My Library »".

  • Sticky Notes on the Web

    What? I can put a sticky note on a web page? How? Oh, that's right! Diigo. Just right-click anywhere on the page and choose to "add a floating sticky note". Type up your note and choose "Post", then move the note anywhere on the page. You have to type a note first, before you move it where you want, otherwise there's nothing to move!

Fabien Cadet

book: Exercises in programming styles, by Chritina Videira Lopes - 5 views

    "In the 1940s, the French writer Raymond Queneau wrote a jewel of a book called Exercises in Style, featuring 99 renditions of the exact same story, each written in a different style. The story being fairly trivial and always the same, the book highlights form, rather than content; it illustrates how the decisions we make in telling a story affect the perception of that story. Inspired by Queneau, I decided to embark on the project of writing the exact same computational task in as many styles as I have come across over the years.
    Exercises in Programming Style (#EPSBook) features 33 renditions of a simple computational task -- counting the frequency of words in a given file. All renditions are written in Python. This book is a companion text for code that is publicly available in Github.
    Software developers with many years of experience may enjoy revisiting familiar programming styles in the broad context of this book and learning about styles that may not be part of their normal repertoire. This book can be used as a textbook for advanced programming courses in Computer Science and Software Engineering programs. Additional teaching materials, such as lecture slides and implementations of each style in other languages, are also available."
Fabien Cadet

2013-11 : Why You Should Never Use MongoDB | Sarah Mei, blog post - 4 views

  • I’ve heard many people talk about dropping MongoDB in to their web application as a replacement for MySQL or PostgreSQL. There are no circumstances under which that is a good idea.
  • Schema flexibility sounds like a great idea, but the only time it’s actually useful is when the structure of your data has no value.
  • When you’re picking a data store, the most important thing to understand is where in your data — and where in its connections — the business value lies.
Joel Bennett - 12 views

    Fantastic hosted code-coverage testing and reporting. Free for public open source projects on Github or Bitbucket, if you're writing in one of their supported languages (Python, Ruby, NodeJS, PHP) (using Travis or Codeship or CircleCI or Semaphore or Drone)
alex gross

100% Web-Based Working For Web Designers - 20 views

    Web applications are offering an almost desktop-like functionality parallel to the increase in the connectivity speeds, wider usage of the cloud (easier scalability) & improvements in JavaScript/RIA development. This article describes free web applications that you can use to create your own web-based design/development environment:
Joel Bennett

Cuttlefish - Lovely Transactional Email - 7 views

    Like mailgun, but free. A few missing features, but did I mention it's open source?
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