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Gabriela Sellart

Social Graphs of On-line Communities and Social Networking Sites - 0 views

  • Communities have various levels of belonging.
  • the isolates [lurkers] outnumber the highly-connected.
  • Lurkers in online communities are often more than 60% of the group
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  • The green nodes have a few connections -- usually with prior acquaintances.
  • The core members will stay and build the community. Unfortunately they are in the minority. The core nodes are usually less than 20%
  • To build a vibrant and growing OLC, you need to support natural human behavior, not work against it.
  • Connections are key
  • The core are analyzable and knowable -- they can be mapped, measured, and molded
  • Growing a community is not just adding new members. It requires adding both people and relationships -- nodes AND links.
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