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Lynn Bui

Tablet ownership doubles in Canada | Toronto Star - 0 views

    Anglophone= English speaking person
    Francophone= French speaking person

    Technology has become a large part of our everyday lives. This article talks about how Canadians are purchasing more and more electronics. (Cell phones, iPads, tablets) The article also talks about how Canadians are also signing up for Netflix, a service that allows users to watch movies in the comfort of their own home. The Media Technology Monitor states that 28 % of English speaking Canadians owned a tablet at the time of the survey which was 7 times the amount in 2010. I think this this is a result of society and the services that businesses now offer that they hadn't previously. EX: Now, we can watch movies on our tablets, but let's say 10 years ago, we would have to go to a movie theater.
    I believe that portable devices have positively affected our lives. These devices make everything we do more convenient, for example, cell phones allow me to contact my friends anywhere in the world and they also provide me with help in an emergency.

    I strongly believe that portable devices have positive effects in our lives, and judging from the increasing amount of technology users, many others think so as well.
    6/10 would read again
    Don't be fooled by this imposter, I am the real spider man.
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