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Victor Hugo Rodrigues Carvalho

Python Software Foundation News: Python trademark at risk in Europe: We need your help! - 0 views

            In this article it talks about companies trying to trademark the name "Python" for their server products. The company "Veber" is trying to trademark exclusive right to use Python for software, servers, and web services everywhere in Europe. After briefly explaining what the company is trying to do the article teaches people how they could help stop this from happening.

         The article tells the readers to send emails tops telling them how they use Python and send them any published information mentioning the Python language. By doing this they can prove that Python the programming language is used everywhere and not only the language the name as well. With this they can top Python from becoming an exclusive trademark.
Daniela Gaudio

Siri Might Be Speaking Three New Languages by March - 0 views

    Siri is very useful to those who want to find an answer easily, or want something done quickly, Siri is able to do just that. Apple is now introducing advanced technology as is currently in progress of having more languages spoken. This technology is so advanced that now those who do not speak English very well, or can't speak it at all now might be able to have that option that they can talk to Siri in their own language without discomfort. I find this to be very fair and open to all those around the world and Apple is doing an excellent job at expanding their cultural impact. 
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