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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Brendan Murphy

Brendan Murphy

The MOOC will soon die. Long live the MOOR | MOOCtalk - 3 views

  • they should be able to do them more successfully if they take the course again the next time it is offered – something else that is possible in the brave new world of MOOCs. (Many of the students in my second offering of the course had attempted the first one a few months earlier.)
    • Brendan Murphy
      Imagine the culture shift that we might take a class and not expect to master the entire course during the first 9 weeks.
  • evaluation of student work and the awarding of grades can be devoted purely to providing students with a useful (formative) indication of their progress, not a (summative) measure of their performance or ability.
  • massive open online resource
Brendan Murphy

Imagining the Internet - 1 views

    • Brendan Murphy
      Old world privacy was keeping people out. Thus if you found yourself with access you felt you had the right to do what ever you wanted to do with the information. Though you were expected to be circumspect.  While today's privacy is learning to protect the meaning of what is said. I say one thing and it means something different to each person who hears it.  You can share the information anyway you see fit, but don't share the meaning. 
Brendan Murphy

Monitoring your kids on Facebook? That's so 2009. - 3 views

  • much cooler after-party.
  • What sex education used to be — it's now the 'technology talk'
  • But as with anything online, each of these apps comes with serious caveats.
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  • Anyone receiving a text or photo can use their 10 seconds to capture a "screenshot,
  • "It's not anything that every parent and grandparent hasn't already seen," Harkness said. The problem, he adds, is the actions "get documented, replayed and sent around," and kids "forget how fast it moves and how far it goes."
  • some of the new social networking sites have become ripe targets for spreading malware and propagating scams.
  • Also worth noting is that almost every mobile app available collects some kind of personal data, such as a person's birthdate or the location of their phone, and shares that information with third parties for marketing purposes
  • Several consumer advocates actually recommend exposing their kids to social media sites earlier than age 12, when they're more receptive to hearing lessons about online etiquette and safety.
  • Levey links her kids' devices to her iTunes account so she's aware of any program they download.
  • Federal Trade Commission's guide to talking to kids about being online:
Brendan Murphy

The Science of Storytelling: Why Telling a Story is the Most Powerful Way to Activate O... - 11 views

  • The next time you struggle with getting people on board with your projects and ideas, simply tell them a story, where the outcome is that doing what you had in mind is the best thing to do
  • the simpler a story, the more likely it will stick
Brendan Murphy

Connected Learning Principles | Connected Learning - 4 views

  • Fortunately, we are also able to harness the same technologies and social processes that have powered these transformations in order to provide the next generation with learning experiences that open doors to academic achievement, economic opportunity, and civic engagement.
  • we now have the capability to reimagine where, when, and how learning takes place
  • Connected learning is not, however, distinguished by a particular technology or platform, but is inspired by an initial set of three educational values, three learning principles, and three design principles.
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  • Shared purpose
  • Production-centered
  • Openly networked
  • The principles of connected learning weren’t born in the digital age, but they are extraordinarily well-suited to it.
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