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The Problems with "The Rise Of Tablets As Textbooks" - 3 views

    • kirstentschofen
      This recognizes that not all kids crave tech, but seems to imply it is essentially laziness. That they don't want to have tomdo the "harder work" that comes with transformative tech use.  Is this true? What other reasons might there be? 
    The problem with using digital textbooks: keeps power in the wrong hands, not really engaging, kids resist.
Lisa Noble

Social Media-Based Public Shaming Has Gotten Out of Control - 0 views

    Based around the Adria Richards story. This, I think, is worth talking about with our students.

Is technology killing school? Should it? | Jeremy Harmer's Blog - 2 views

    An Summary of critiques of mitra's 'hole in the wall' experiment giving kids computers, and his conclusion that we no longer need schools.
Brendan Murphy

The Science of Storytelling: Why Telling a Story is the Most Powerful Way to Activate O... - 11 views

  • The next time you struggle with getting people on board with your projects and ideas, simply tell them a story, where the outcome is that doing what you had in mind is the best thing to do
  • the simpler a story, the more likely it will stick
Erin Luong

Creative Commons - 3 views

    links to resources for digital story telling
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