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Bonnie Sutton

Want your kid to be a scientist? Start in elementary school. - 0 views

Want your kid to be a scientist? Start in elementary school. By Priya Natarajan, Published: February 2 "What's your major?" Ask a college freshman this question, and the answer may be physics ...

Kids as scientists Khan academy elementary school the starting point for science cartoons at site.

started by Bonnie Sutton on 04 Feb 12 no follow-up yet
Jim Shimabukuro

Arirang | Korea for the World, The World for Korea - - 0 views

    Updated : May 31, 2011 Tablet PCs Change Korea's Educational Environment Tablet PCs are taking the world's IT market by storm. Korea is no exception to the trend, with tablet PC users roaming its streets everywhere. Now, tablet PCs are transforming not just the way we live but also the way we learn. We're now at an elementary school in Incheon, where students are taking lessons at a whole new level. On their desks are tablet PCs and electronic pens instead of the usual paper and pencils. This is a classroom of the digital age. This school is currently conducting digital textbook lessons for 4th and 5th graders. [Interview : Han Gyeong-su, Vice Principal Incheon Samsan Elementary School] "The digital textbook is a technology combining reference books, exercise books and other resources into one device. It could totally change our educational paradigm." These lessons are conducted using digital textbooks, which are tablet PCs with a touch screen and keyboard.
Harry Keller

The future of Gamificationi - 6 views

Plate tectonics is one of the more difficult science concepts to have a lab in. However, it's not necessary to have labs in every topic. Labs, beyond elementary school, are really for understandi...

games in the classroom gamification Pew. game elements

Bonnie Sutton

Overhauling Computer Science Education - 1 views

Overhauling Computer Science Education Students from elementary school through college are learnin...

problem solving computational thinking and abstract reasoning computer science education

started by Bonnie Sutton on 22 Dec 11 no follow-up yet
Bonnie Sutton

Welcoming Mobile: More Districts Are Rewriting Acceptable Use Policies - 1 views

Hotmail Active View Innovation in ISD 199 ( at the Site_ Play video Inver Grove Heights Community Schools has been nationally recognized for the innovative use of technology in the classroom thro...

CoSn Mobile Learning Internet access technology

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Bonnie Sutton

Are You Ready for Common Core Math? 2014 will be here sooner than you think. - 0 views By: Alan Dessoff District Administration, March 2012 An elementary student in the San Francisco Unified School District ...

common core math new assessment k12 PARCC

started by Bonnie Sutton on 16 Mar 12 no follow-up yet
Claude Almansi

Plan Would Force U. of Wisconsin to Return $39-Million in U.S. Broadband Grants - Wired... - 0 views

    "June 8, 2011, 7:01 pm By Marc Parry A budget approved by a legislative committee last week would force the University of Wisconsin to return $39-million in federal grants awarded to expand high-speed Internet access across the state, state education officials said. The plan would also require all University of Wisconsin institutions to withdraw from WiscNet, a nonprofit network cooperative that services the public universities, most of the technical and private colleges in Wisconsin, about 75 percent of the state's elementary and high schools, and 95 percent of its public libraries, according to David F. Giroux, a spokesman for the university system. (...) Another provision in the plan would bar any University of Wisconsin campus from participating in advanced networks connecting research institutions worldwide, according to Mr. Evers's memo. For example, the Madison campus would have to withdraw from Internet2, a high-speed networking consortium, said Mr. Giroux."
    That's what Lessig had in mind when he said: "Think about the question of broadband policy. (…) The US has been a dismal failure in this respect. As we watch the US going from number 1 in broadband penetration, now to, depending on the scale, number 18, 19, or 28. And that change is because of policies that effectively block competition for broadband providers. Their answer, these broadband providers brought to our government, and got our government to impose actually benefited them and destroyed the incentives for them to compete in a way that would drive broadband penetration. (…)" From Lessig's Keynote Address at g8 7:48 - 8:42 -
Claude Almansi

Read the American Jobs Act (FULL TEXT) | The White House - 0 views

    "TITLE II - PUTTING WORKERS BACK ON THE JOB WHILE REBUILDING AND MODERNIZING AMERICA Subtitle A - Veterans Hiring Preferences Sec. 201. Returning Heroes and Wounded Warriors Work Opportunity Tax Credits Subtitle B - Teacher Stabilization Sec. 202. Purpose Sec. 203. Grants for the Outlying Areas and the Secretary of the Interior; Availability of Funds. Sec. 204. State Allocation Sec. 205. State Application Sec. 206. State Reservation and Responsibilities Sec. 207. Local Educational Agencies Sec. 208. Early Learning Sec. 209. Maintenance of Effort Sec. 210. Reporting Sec. 211. Definitions Sec. 212. Authorization of Appropriations Subtitle C - First Responder Stabilization Sec. 213. Purpose Sec. 214. Grant Program Sec. 215. Appropriations Subtitle D - School Modernization Part I - Elementary and Secondary Schools Sec. 221. Purpose Sec. 222. Authorization of Appropriations Sec. 223. Allocation of Funds Sec. 224. State Use of Funds Sec. 225. State and Local Applications Sec. 226. Use of Funds Sec. 227. Private Schools Sec. 228. Additional Provisions Part II - Community College Modernization Sec. 229. Federal assistance for Community College Modernization"
    Tagged "Digital Promise" because of the important section on modernizing education.
Claude Almansi

California State U. Report Warns of Accessibility Issues in Google Services - Wired Cam... - 0 views

    "June 23, 2011, 6:20 pm By Jie Jenny Zou California State University's Accessible Technology Initiative suggests in a report released this week that universities limit their campuswide use of Google's free Web services based on what it calls a variety of inaccessibility issues for the blind and those with other disabilities. The report, "ATI Google Apps Accessibility Evaluation," looked at the accessibility of Google Apps for Education, a free software suite available to colleges and elementary and secondary schools. Hundreds of colleges have adopted Google Apps as their official campus e-mail and communication service for students."
    for update to posts about Google Apps
Bonnie Sutton

Reauthorization of ESEA - 1 views

By Alyson Klein A long-stalled, bipartisan rewrite of the widely-disparaged No Child Left Behind Act approved by the Senate education committee on Thursday faces steep political hurdles, with opp...

technology scrapping of ayp well rounded education halt to federally directed interventions

started by Bonnie Sutton on 21 Oct 11 no follow-up yet
Bonnie Sutton liked it
Bonnie Sutton

STEM Heavily Featured in NCLB - 2 views

STEM Heavily Featured in New 'No Child' Legislation By JASON KOEBLER October 13, 2011 RSS Feed Print After months of prodding from President Obama and Secretary of Education Arne ...

Tags: No Child Left Behind STEM education slow motion train wreck

started by Bonnie Sutton on 15 Oct 11 no follow-up yet
Bonnie Sutton

What Does the Election Mean for Education in the 113th Congress? - 3 views

Senate Committee Holds Hearing on Impact of America Competes Act Wednesday, 7 November, 2012 The day after the elections, at first blush, feels like Groundhog Day. After all the campaigning, spen...

education and the 113th congress workforce readiness K-12

started by Bonnie Sutton on 09 Nov 12 no follow-up yet
Bonnie Sutton

Congress Likely to Stay Divided on Education - 2 views

Congress Likely to Stay Divided, Will Gridlock on K-12 Continue? By Alyson Klein on November 6, 2012 11:36 PM The U.S. House of Representatives is likely to stay in GOP hands and the Senate under ...

vouchers stem science and math teachers change in education

Bonnie Sutton

Making Progress: Rethinking State and School District Policies Concerning Mobile Techno... - 1 views

Making Progress: Rethinking State and School District Policies Concerning Mobile Technologies and Social Media pdf BACKGROUND It is...

Making Progre Rethinking State and School District POLICIES COSN Mobile Technologies Social Media

started by Bonnie Sutton on 15 Apr 12 no follow-up yet
Harry Keller

Report Dissects the Data on Underrepresented Students in STEM - 4 views

Here are my remarks on the recommendations. 1. Definitely improve training and support for science and math teachers. Change the way education colleges prepare these people. 2. Definitely expand...

Underrepresented Students STEM findings minorities

Bonnie Sutton

'Mr. President, public education in the U.S. is on the wrong track' - 1 views

By Valerie Strauss This is the text of an open letter written to President Obama by Mary Broderick, president of the Arlington, Va.,-based National Schools Boards Association, a not-for-profit or...

educarion Public reform innovation and creativity testing no child left behind

started by Bonnie Sutton on 24 Apr 12 no follow-up yet
Bonnie Sutton

Jamming the System: Standardized Tests, Automated Grading and the Future of Writing - 2 views

View slide show on original site. | View on Flickr on original site. Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning

Ja the System: Standardized Tests Automated Grading Future of Writing robotic evaluation

started by Bonnie Sutton on 29 Apr 12 no follow-up yet
Harry Keller

National science test shows only slight improvement - 1 views

Over thirty years of investment in improving science education, and this is where we are. If you do the same thing over and over, why do you expect a different result? It's time for real change.

tests Stem subjects. science knowledge achievement gap ethnic disparity 2011 National Assessment of Educational Progress

Bonnie Sutton

The Pattern on the Rug By Diane Ravitch - 1 views

******************************** From Education Week [American Education's Newspaper of Record], Tuesday, March 27, 2012. See ------------------...

nation at risk diane ravitch race to the top Phillip Anschutz

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Bonnie Sutton

Best part of 'schools-threaten-national-security' report - 1 views

Best part of 'schools-threaten-national-security' report: The dissents By Valerie Strauss Best part of 'schools-threaten-national-security' report The most interesting part of the new Condoleezza...

Schools threaten national Security report

started by Bonnie Sutton on 22 Mar 12 no follow-up yet
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