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Alexis Krysten

ICT in my Classroom - 1 views

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      Auslogics File Recovery 5 Crack With License Key Free Download - 0 views

        Auslogics File Recovery 5 Crack is a high extraordinary all-incorporated one report worked in programming. It recoups erased documents and lost dividers, snappy and without issues. With Auslogics report recovery programming program, you could show signs of improvement all archive worked in records, track, photos, movies and each other report worked in you may construct incorporated.
      Billy Mejia

      Data Recovery for Windows - 1 views

        New Delhi, 02/12/2014
        Quick Recovery is the legitimate Brand with trail of successful and innovative well demanded products, enchanting the worth and supremacy of reliable engineering efforts hence implied by the company's leaders.
        Windows Recovery tool, the justifiable recovery product has now extended its arms and sprawled it's vicinity to large technological era with updated compatibility for Windows 13.0.0. This dignified enhanced trait has opened the gateways to variable opportunities for user as now it is easy to download recovery software on to your system that has 64-bit processor.
        The rudimentary approach of this updated version is to provide support for various other file types in their retrieval and restoration. Now, along with the supreme recovery of files, all files are first repaired. It enhances the growth of technology yet making it more handy and easy-to-use package. For more info visit:

        Updates available with Windows Recovery Software 13.0.0
        *Extended adaptability to diverse file types
        *Suitable GUI feature, navigation made more convenient
        *Mitigated cost factor
        *Fast recovery of even the complex files
        *Recognizes password protected files too
        *Encoded files with diverse language are now also recoverable/restored
        *Suitably compatible with Disk partition file like: FAT, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS5 etc
        *Corrupted and damaged files can also be recovered
        *Once download and use it eternally with same essence
        *Assured recovery of files/folders

        This Windows Recovery tool 13.0.0 is a cogent and persuasive articulate, efficiently, giving immense scope for all stratifications of user. Most drastic change has been the availability of free demo version that can be downloaded freely and can be implemented on your OS to offer the list of files recovered. Together, with that it also provide scanning of the entire system, henceforth, repairin
      Martin Burrett

      DropCanvas - 0 views

        This is a beautifully simple site for sharing files over the web. Just drag the files into the window to upload it. Then share the link to share the page of files. You add or delete files at any time. A sign in is not require, but you get more functions if you register for free.
      Martin Burrett

      Drawpr - the easy way to share files - 0 views

        This is a simple, drag-drop-share file sharing tool. Generate a url to your file and share with everyone.
      Martin Burrett

      Jumpshare - 0 views

        Share files quickly and easily with this great site. Files are available for 2 weeks and are retrieved via a link.
      Martin Burrett

      DROPitTOme - Receive files from anyone to your Dropbox - 0 views

        Drop It To Me creates a link to your DropBox account allowing anyone with your email and a protective password to add files. Great when sending files too large for email.
      Martin Burrett

      Just Beam It - 0 views

        A nice simple tool for sharing files. Just drag the file into the window and share the link to download.
      Martin Burrett

      Copy - 0 views

        More and more people are throwing away their USB memory sticks (but probably just losing them down the back of the sofa) in favour of cloud storage. This is a wonderful storage site, download and multi-platform app which is very similar to Dropbox. A synced folder sits on you devices and can be updated and accessed from any device. You can generating a url to share folders or files with other people. It works just fine on a computer with Dropbox already installed and the free account gives you 15GB of storage. That's enough storage where 'tidy' filing schools might begin to migrate their school network storage to the cloud for free - and that's exciting. Additional storage is available for a price.
      Martin Burrett

      Let's Crate - Simple file sharing - 0 views

        Billed as 'ridiculously easy file sharing' and I would agree. The drop and drag function makes it simple to use.
      John Onwuegbu

      3 Ways to Stay Safe while Torrenting | Questechie - 5 views

        Actually, torrenting can be useful for sharing larger files, of course legally, such as a presentations in the form of videos and photos, or for downloading out-of-print books or non-copyrighted files.
      Martin Burrett

      Dropbox - 0 views

        "Essential cloud storage so you can access your files from anywhere and share them easily with colleagues. Sync your files so you can access them both online and offline. Download the iOS and Android apps to use on the go."
      Filefisher com

      File Fisher (@filefisher) - 1 answer, 1 like | ASKfm - 0 views

        Get in touch with File Fisher (@filefisher) - 1 answer, 1 like. Ask anything you want to learn about File Fisher by getting answers on ASKfm.

      Top 10 tools to share secure your files in the cloud . Feed-back welcome - 0 views

        What cloud tool do you like more to keep your files secure in the cloud ? Leave a comment after you read article
      Martin Burrett

      Edcanvas - 0 views

        Create an interactive online lesson with this brilliant site. Upload and curate all the resources for a lesson in one place and access them with one click. The site works with Office files, PDFs, flash files, small videos, images and internet links and even connects to Google Drive and Dropbox. Then simply share the link with anyone who need to use view it.
      Martin Burrett

      SoundGecko - 0 views

        Create MP3 'text to speech' files from websites to 'read' on the go. The site makes an audio file using a voice synthesiser. Combine with a simple notepad site and add your own text to read anything you like. An email address is required.
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