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Ric Murry

Flash Earth ...satellite and aerial imagery of the Earth in Flash - 0 views

    Kinda of like an online Google Earth in case you can't get the real thing installed.
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    Okay, I've never done the "share" bit with a bookmark in Diigo. This is kind of a test, but it IS a neat site.
    Simple, yet detailed alternative to Google Earth. Flash based.
    Google Earth alternative.
yc c

MODIS Rapid Response System - 5 views

  • The MODIS Rapid Response System generates complete mosaic images of the Arctic every day at 4km, 2km, 1km resolutions. The mosaic is composed of smaller image tiles, which are available individually at 250 m, 500 m, 1 km, 2 km, and 4 km resolutions.
  • A large collection of MODIS Rapid response imagery can be found in the Earth Observatory's Natural Hazards section, with captions that provide pertinent information about each image.
    The MODIS Rapid Response System was developed to provide daily satellite images of the Earth's landmasses in near real time.
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