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Angela Maiers

Education Week: It's Not What We Teach, It's What They Learn - 0 views

    Must Read article by Alfie Kohn- it about the learning!
Tess Alfonsin

The Costs of Overemphasizing Achievement - 11 views

    Alfie Kohn
Michael Johnson

My Response to Alfie Kohn's Attack on 'Growth Mindset' | Blue Cereal Education - 13 views

  • Punished By Rewards
    A response to Kohn's attack on Growth Mindset and it's proponents.
Clint Hamada

The Truth About Homework - 0 views

    Finally, any theoretical benefit of practice homework must be weighed against the effect it has on students' interest in learning. If slogging through worksheets dampens one's desire to read or think, surely that wouldn't be worth an incremental improvement in skills. And when an activity feels like drudgery, the quality of learning tends to suffer, too. That so many children regard homework as something to finish as quickly as possible - or even as a significant source of stress -- helps to explain why it appears not to offer any academic advantage even for those who obediently sit down and complete the tasks they've been assigned. All that research showing little value to homework may not be so surprising after all.
Brendan Murphy

Homework: An unnecessary evil? … Surprising findings from new research - The ... - 18 views

  • six hours a day of academics are enough, and kids should have the chance after school to explore other interests and develop in other ways — or be able simply to relax in the same way that most adults like to relax after work;
    • Brendan Murphy
      My only problem with this is that too many adults see relaxing after school as watching TV and drinking beer.
  • translated as “A relentless regimen of after-school drill-and-skill can raise scores a wee bit on tests of rote learning.”)
  • Even if homework were a complete waste of time, how could it not be positively related to course grades?
    FDR's private school president listed these four missions for his students ranked by importance. 1) Religion 2) Character 3) Athletics 4) Academics His president at Harvard felt and required a few basic courses and then students should take what they want. The social science and math teachers created well rounded to keep their jobs, I could care if my layer or doctor is well rounded, me, I want success!
Martin Burrett

Challenging students by @ncjbrown - 0 views

    As far as my work as a teacher and teacher trainer is concerned, I believe in challenging students and having high expectations of everyone in the classroom. This is coupled with appropriate support and guidance, which is then differentiated to meet pupils' and students' needs. To support my learners I provide relevant and specific praise and feedback, engaging and interesting tasks and activities, sound guidelines and instructions, solid question and answer sessions and clear, practical examples or modelling.
    2) Alfie Kohn "In fact, there isn't even a positive correlation between, on the one hand, having younger children do some homework (vs. none), or more (vs. less), and, on the other hand, any measure of achievement. If we're making 12-year-olds, much less five-year-olds, do homework, it's either because we're misinformed about what the evidence says or because we think kids ought to have to do homework despite what the evidence says." Homework: An Unnecessary Evil? ... Findings from New Research 3) Tyler Cowen believed education can create potentially valuable workers by helping them improve their value by using smart machines and that these two are stronger complements than ever. Students may not be able to calculate like computers but we can teach students to be better readers of character and emotion and to be the best interpreters of the masses of information provided by the behavioral sciences and big data. Not all students need to do programming but they need to easily make the most of technology. He sees educators as motivators and online managers rather than as a professor. From Average is Over, 2013 by Tyler Cower Could a majority on workers hurt by Geekability add to A. Greenspan's fear of unrest?
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