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David Mills

Quality GPS Tracking Products - 3 views

I am very happy that I purchased Securatrak’s GPS car tracking device because I was able to retrieve my stolen car real fast. I gave all the GPS information of my car's exact whereabouts to t...

GPS tracking car

started by David Mills on 03 Jun 13 no follow-up yet
Jill Abair

ITSELE-excerpt.pdf - 0 views

  • Yet, overall, the evidence seems to support the belief that appropriate use of tech-nology results in higher student achievement and involvement
  • After all this time, the process of integrating technol-ogy with content area instruction remains a mystery to many teachers
  • Cooperative learning
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Integration is when classroom teachers use technology to introduce, reinforce, extend, enrich, assess, and remediate student mastery of curricular targets
  • Integration is NOT having students go to a computer lab to learn technical skills while the classroom teacher stays behind to plan or grade papers
Jill Abair

Meaningful Connections: Using Technology in Primary Classrooms - TechInPrimaryClassroom... - 0 views

  • Most young children have had limited experiences with technology. Theyneed time and access to develop the comfort, knowledge, and skills for usinga variety of technology applications before they can use them independentlyor for a prescribed purpose.
  • At thesame time, adults should model the use of technology in support ofthe curriculum and learning experiences children are engaged in
  • Word processing and writing tools,
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Computer art programs
  • Presentation software
Ced Paine

Sketch Style: Ten Fonts and Ten Design Elements - 0 views

    Free handdrawn-style fonts

50+ Perfect Heading fonts for Designers - 0 views

    Heading is an important part of any writing whatever you write, if you write article heading is must or any other content such as flyer, brochure, web content, magazine etc heading is very necessary part of writing, And also heading is encourage viewer to read complete paragraph which is written under heading, sometime heading is not good written or not in good heading fonts viewer just ignore complete writing just because of heading.
Nicole Green - 2 views

    • Nicole Green
      1st Grade Everyday Math Resources. Divided by Units
  • First Grade Everyday Math Resources
Nicole Green

Kidlink :: Kidspace - 0 views

  • Welcome!  This is an ongoing project since the year 2000.  Students are welcome to join us at any time of the school year. Welcome to our multi-lingual, KIDPROJ, long term project about grandmothers around the world! Join us as we celebrate across cultures, languages and generations. Students of all ages through secondary school are invited to participate. Students from around the world are encouraged to tell everyone the word for grandmother in their language, the name they call their grandmother, ways they spend time (or did spend time) with their grandmother and why she is very special. Each month there are specific topics for discussion. You can see the topics here:
    • Nicole Green
      Kidlink Grandmother and me project. Good resource for social studies and technology
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