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Lucas Cook

Alternatives to standardized testing - 72 views

So as to make my response more accurate and make sure I understood all of your points I am parsing your argument out and responding to each point in turn and will attempt to address each in turn. ...

alternatives standardized testing

Chris Sasiadek

high stakes testing contributes to drop out rate - 41 views

Forget the kids' dropout rate, what about the teachers?

Tiffany Venuto

Vocabulary Grades 1-5 resource - 24 views ok, so "money math" link does not work...


Diane Woodard

The Right Way to Ask Questions in the Classroom | Edutopia - 28 views

    Love this article on post on questioning!
Chris Sasiadek

Another School District Cuts Hours - 13 views

Apparently, I not only love the sound of my own voice, but of my own keyboard as well..... So I couldn't help doing a little research: There is ...

week schedule budget cuts Arizona NPR

Elizabeth Koh

"90-9-1" Rule for Participation Inequality: Lurkers vs. Contributors in Internet Commun... - 21 views

    Does the same apply to team collaboration in student groups? E.g. In a team of 6, maybe 3 lurkers, 2 intermittent contributors and 1 main contributor?
    i think its applicable. Local IT Support
Maria Mahon

Next Test - Value of $125,000-a-Year Teachers - - 7 views

    This school is an interesting take on theory that excellent teachers are the real way to success. These teachers will earn much, much more than teachers in comparable positions, but they will also have bigger roles at the new school
Dugg Lowe

Essay writing help links - 29 views

    Picking research question and thesis statement for art history research paper and other useful essay writing tips.
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Adrea Lawrence

Methodspace - home of the Research Methods community - 32 views

  • aims to bring together researchers from different disciplines who want support and advice on any aspect of methodology. Registered users can participate in discussions about methodology issues and controversies; find out about relevant conferences and events; and discover and review new resources in methods, including free book chapters and journal articles. 'We intend that Methodspace should be the online hub for research methods, with the community driving the discussions and debates,' said Ziyad Marar, deputy managing director and publishing director of SAGE
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Elizabeth Koh

Paper vs. computer screen - The Boston Globe - 12 views

  • A Norwegian researcher, Anne Mangen, recently weighed in with an interesting paper in the Journal of Research in Reading, asserting that screen reading and page reading are radically different. “The feeling of literally being in touch with the text is lost when your actions - clicking with the mouse, pointing on touch screens, or scrolling with keys or on touch pads - take place at a distance from the digital text, which is, somehow, somewhere inside the computer, the e-book, or the mobile phone,’’ Mangen writes.
  • Her conclusion: “Materiality matters. . . . One main effect of the intangibility of the digital text is that of making us read in a shallower, less focused way.’
  • Reading digital text will always differ from reading text that is not digital (i.e., that has a physical, tangible materiality), no matter how reader-friendly and ‘paper-like’ the digital reading device (e.g., Kindle etc.),’’ she answered
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • She says the e-reader experience introduces “a degree of unpredictability and instability’’ that influences reading, even if we are not aware of it.
  • When Kindle-like readers cost less than $50 and the e-Ink technology is not just very good, but excellent, there may be more “screening,’’ and less reading, in our future.
Wendy Windust

Academic Leadership Benefits of Co-Teaching for ESL Classrooms - 13 views

    Wendy, I am very thankful for the link. the intertwined relationship between education and leadership is a crucial issue that educators should work more on to enhance the quality eduction. We should not teach english for the sake of English; but the language is a means to promote the main skills the Millenium age require.
Chris Sasiadek

Twitter and Congress - 11 views

twitter congress

started by Chris Sasiadek on 01 Feb 09 no follow-up yet
Elizabeth Koh

News - 18 views

    Hi Elizabeth, any idea where I may find this full article please? The page doesnt seem to exist at this time. Computing and iT student Level 1 Thanks
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Adrea Lawrence

Donald Schon, AERA 1987, "Educating the Reflective Practitoner" - 10 views

    link appears to be broken
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